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  1. ankh

    cross with a circle on the top,egyption origin,this symbol is on jezebel,s stamp.what does this mean to christians these days?is jezebel saying she is higher than jesus?
  2. It was an Egyptian word for 'image' which later turned to the meaning 'Life' and yes, it IS used by Pagans~
    I cannot tell you if any Christians use this symbol or not~
    I don't know.

  3. I'm impressed, Violet!:)

    I got into trouble when I was younger for buying an ankh and wearing it instead of a cross. Mom told me that that was exactly the kind of mistake some people out there were hoping that I'd make.

    Jesus' cross is not the ankh, she told me. There's no loops or anything in His cross. No diamonds or symbols. Just a plain wooden cross.

    Many of the "gods" in Ancient Egyptian culture were shown to be carrying the symbol of the ankh.

    Be alert...don't be fooled.:D
  4. I love your avatar, WW! :)
  5. Why thank you, Violet! A very special friend made it for me! ;)

    BTW: Nice new pic!:)
  6. Thanks!!!
    You have a wise mother so I see where you get your wisdom!

  7. The Ankh was also the symbol of a male to female penetration thus the life interpetation- it was generally associated with ancient pagan ritual.
  8. The ankh, in hieroglyphs, simply means mirror or picture. The connection with the Egyptian gods gradually gave it significance meaning "life". Modern pagans use it to tie their beliefs into ancient religion.

    The "sexual" version, is slightly different. The arms and base are curved outward to honor furtility.
  9. I wasn't sure there was a difference Ban. I guess I just don't take much stock in using symbols form a lost and pagan people.
  10. The symbol came from a lost religion, but I believe that it is always the usage of a thing that gives it meaning. So modern pagans do indeed use it, though usually for various "good purposes", at least in their context. I think that God wanted us to steer clear of symbologies, because people tend to get really stuck on them. Giving the symbols more meaning than they deserver. Worshiping idols so to speak.
  11. maybe you should take notice of cancer ribbons etc.
  12. Possibly, ribbons have a great deal of meaning to Wiccans and Druids at least. But they have to be either tied to something or burned.
  13. It must be an eye of the beholder thing. I am told the swastika was originally a symbol of good luck but I still won't wear one. I do however respect your view about this.
  14. Exactly my point Bo.

    The swastica was originally the symbol of life and vitality, it symbolized the sun. (though, there are some differences in the original symbol).

    But, it was used for great evil, therefore it's evil now. To wear one would be supporting that evil. Because, it's the usage that came to define that symbol as a bad thing.

    Just as the cross, originally a symbol of evil and torture, is now looked upon with hope and freedom. Because that is the current meaning. :cross:
  15. Again the eye of the beholder, when I see a cross I see an instrument of His death and mine. That does indeed give me the hope of new life.
    So I guess if there is no definite way to look at most symbols then one must follow his conscience as long as it does not cause someone else to stumble.
  16. You do have a good point.
    One church we attended was against crosses.
    They looked at it as a bad thing because Jesus died on one.

    I see it as a symbol of ultimate love~


    Crystal lewis


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