Animated Adaptations Of The Bible

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  1. In two years, I plan to be teaching Sunday School and because I believe in preparation, I'm already looking for resources and ideas for my future lessons.

    I would love to find biblical cartoons and animations to show in class but everything I've seen on YouTube so far is disappointing.

    I recently came across a series called What's in the Bible but it was very disappointing: no humor, no wit, no creativity, just a bunch of muppets reciting biblical commentaries.

    I wish Disney would do an animated feature film based on the Bible.

    Any tips?
  2. The Prince of Egypt was a good movie, along with the Veggie Tales movies. I can't think of any more good ones at the moment.

    I know you're looking for cartoons but there is a comic called The Action Bible that is decent from what I've read of it. I don't know if you could do anything with that.
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  3. Have you heard of the Action Bible?

    Its basically an adaptation of the Bible into a graphic novel.
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  4. Brilliant tips, guys. Thank you very much indeed!
  5. My kid loves Veggie Tales.. I have also seen a few of them.. Those are really good..
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  6. I'll check it out, thanks for your tip!
  7. I like Veggie Tales as well. I remember watching the David and Goliath one... Oddly enough, I don't remember David sawing off Goliath's head after hitting him with the stone... We may have to question how accurate these things are.
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  8. I can see that.. I think most of the kids adaptation leave this out.. May be they feel it is a little too much kids to digest.. Given the level of their maturity, I don't know if they would see the reasoning..
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  9. I agree :)
    Some people on here say that we shouldn't leave anything out though. I don't see how watching a beheading would help the child learn about the Bible. They may just end up liking to watch beheadings and that wouldn't be cool at all.

    My wife loves Veggie Tales as well. It's a good and wholesome.
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  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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