Angry online divorcee 'kills' virtual ex-hubby

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by univac, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hi techie
    Wow what is the work coming to?
  2. How can anyone be jailed for killing off a cartoon character on the computer, or was the "arrest" virtual also?
  3. the arrest was shows criminal intent...the link I gave leads to info about a real murder .:)
  4. So the woman was arrested for WANTING to kill her husband? That reminds me of an old Twilight Zone show where people's thoughts were monitored, and they were arrested for "thinking" about committing a crime.

    Was the actual murder one that she committed? In that case I can understand her being arrested, but not for just wanting her husband dead. There have been people I wished dead in the past. I would hate to think I could be arrested for those thoughts.

  5. She was not just thinking about it...she showed active intent.
  6. Yes, but it was just on a computer! How can anyone be arrested for something that isn't real? Had she hired a hit man, I could understand it. I guess I'm just missing something. If I were to send a letter to my ex saying "I wish you were dead", I could be arrested for wishful thinking?
  7. You would be arrested for harrasment. As it would also have the undertones of a threat you may very well be cautioned for that.

    once you write it down/act it stop being a thought and becomes an action...that is when the law steps in
  8. Apparently laws have changed. It used to be that a threat didn't get the police involved. They would say, "There's nothing we can do until he does something." The problem with that is that by that time it could be too late.

    Still, wanting someone dead doesn't mean a person is actually going to try to kill them. I know God speaks of thoughts being equal to actually doing it--as in adultery. Still, the wife didn't send her ex a letter saying, "I'm going to kill you." She killed him virtually on the computer--make-believe.
  9. I cannot really understand that one either Jon.
  10. I think she was arrested for corrupting her husband's computer files for his "Character". So she actually did "kill" him, lol.

    If I went onto your computer, and deleted everything, I'm sure some lawsuits can be in order. Not saying I would do that :D
  11. and that is how domestic violence went unchallenged for so long...becuase laws did nto change...becuase harrassment was not worth arresting the person over...and the mental toture the spouse had to take...

    thank God the law changed and people have started to realise that prevention is better than cure.
  12. If someone threatened to kill me, I would take it seriously--just as I took the threat seriously "I will meet you outside" when a man threatened me at the store because I bumped his shopping cart with mine. I can't understand such anger and hatred over such a little thing as that.

    Another time when a man at work who didn't like me (hard to imagine someone not liking me :D) said, "You want to meet me outside", I said "That's not necessary. If you want to start something, you can do it right here." He walked away and said a few minutes later, "I was joking." I replied, "I wasn't." I took him seriously whether he was or not.
  13. From what I read today she was in trouble for hacking his private data.
  14. Ah, well, computer hacking is definitely illegal. Unfortunately, not everyone who does that gets caught.

  15. Minority Report too. They saw the future and arrested before things happened.
  16. "She was charged with illegal access onto a computer and manipulating electronic data, police said. If convicted, she could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000."

    Do you guys realize she would probably get less time if convicted of killing him for real!!!!

    I agree. If someone is joking about killing you - take it serious! What kind of sick person thinks it's a joke to take about killing another human being?

  17. I used to play Maple Story when it first came out. I don't remember it being very social, mostly I got bored with it quickly. I guess it has changed a lot since then.

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