Anger Over Child Abuse

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  1. Some days it is hard to show love/mercy/forgiveness toward people. Just read a story where a 24 year old man gave his 11 week old son meth. He allowed the baby to suck it off his thumb. He claims he used the thumb to crush the meth and then his son was fussy so he allowed son to suck on his thumb.

    I guess from a law enforcement background I have a hard time not wanting to just throttle this dad. I know as Christians we are to forgive everything and love but for me when you hurt an innocent life it just tears at me.

    I do pray that his son makes a full recovery.
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  2. How awful. It baffles me how people could hurt their children. I recently read a horrible story and just can't understand it.
  3. Stupid people do stupid things. It's sad that children get hurt in the process.
    Modern mankind has a gift for depravity, nothing surprises me any more.
    A few more years and this nonsense will all be over.
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  4. It's these kinds of stories that make me repeat over and over again, 'we are not to repay evil with evil, we are not to repay evil with evil...'
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  5. Good point Brian. At times it is difficult to keep in mind that the people doing these stupid things are suffering themselves and usually have no clue how to deal with their own issues.
    When I was a young fellow I was a bit of a barfly and so I had the opportunity to have many conversations with people when they tended to be at their most honest (mildly to thoroughly drunk).
    It never ceased to amaze me how most wandered through life without any thought to tomorrow or the mess they were making of their own lives.
    It was a constant reminder of the old saw:
    "Insanity is performing the exact same action over and over again and expecting different results."
  6. That's a great post to put on Brian, it's just awful and I'm sure in your years of Law Enforcement you've seen some things. Having two kids under two just now really has my wife and I more sensitive than ever before and the question always come up, what can we do. Quite recently we've had an answer in some respects to this question in that there's only one thing we reall y can do, save the parents. My hope is to se God move mightily in our area and it's what we're pushing for hard, I always think that if he moves, just imagine how many lives could change and however bad events just won't take place. I just hope churches and assemblies can unify more and more so we can make room for God to do what he does best, save souls and maybe some of these babies will never see the abuse they'd otherwise endured. God bless....

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