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  1. Angels

  2. [​IMG]

    Something I made this morning~
  3. [​IMG]

    I did not make this but I have studied it and figured out how, just by watching it! Neat concept, isn't it?
  4. Violet you have changed my whole theology- I now believe all angels are women- LOL!!:D Just kidding keep up the work it is quite amazing how talented you are!
  5. Thanks, but I am just good at manipulation~only on pics though!!! :p
  6. For You, Bro. Larry


    A Male Angel Fish!

  7. Thanks so much sis but I am unfortunately not quite an angel! LOL!
  8. Brother Larry, you are very close to it! I bet your wife thinks so too!!!
  9. Black Angels....woop woop!

  10. good angels show you life,not death.
  11. True, SC, especially the ones they show taking you to God!

    Adorable, Caresse!
  12. :funnypost:

    That is really neat. We just had that discussion this morning in our mens Bible study group. We were studying Zechariah 6:9 (specifically) which brought up that subject.

    I was just admiring these beautiful pictures and your post made me laugh.
  13. EUE BETCHA VIOLET!!! :preach:
  14. The fishy, Bro. C? LOL
  15. Ah, at first I thought you meant SC's post then I realized you meant Bro. Larry's!! :p
  16. I got confused too.

    Here's another one for Brother Larry.

    Nothin like a little angel food cake after a fish diner. :D


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