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    In the Celtic Christian tradition we have Soul Friends. It is kinda like an accountability partner but it is usually life long. I think it is a great idea to hold each person accountable and someone to grow in the Lord with. They recommend it is someone of the same sex and not a family member.

    Does anyone else do this here and if so what has been your experience?
  2. I have never heard of it, but sounds interesting.. But how do you find someone with whom you will stay in touch for rest of your life? Especially another Christian?
  3. I've never done that before, but would love the opportunity to do so. I feel like I need a mentor more than anything right now, but due to my circumstances of going back to Illinois for a month or so the moving off to Connecticut at the end of July, I don't see me having one in the near future. God is keeping me glued to this forum though. I know he wants me to continue to be here.
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  4. With email and text messaging this would be a lot easier now. Celtic christianity is big on community so it is kinda set up for it in a way. Lifetime would be a long time but like everything else God would provide someone I would think
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  5. I hear you.. So how do you go about with this? Is there like a normal practice of how things are shared? Or is it up to them? I am more curious :)
  6. This could be like a monthly update to someone. We have all sorts of media to keep in contact with another person. Who knows that soul friend could be on here lol
  7. That could very well be, brother. :D
  8. Celtic Christianity has much we can learn.

    They take the command to pray without ceasing literally as show in the Carmina Gadelica which is a collection of prayers covering the entire day and common tasks.

    They believe Christianity is better caught than taught.

    A book I've read several times is "The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West ... Again" by George G. Hunter III. I highly recommend it.

    Another related to the current thread is "Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom" by John O'Donohue. I've just started reading it so I'll be interested in what others have to say in this thread.
  9. I have a few books on it, I'll post titles later. I agree there is a lot to learn from that tradition
  10. It is accountability on life, walk with God etc.. it is someone you can share things with that you might not want others to know. Also it is a good way for two people to learn the Word of God together.
  11. There is a group called the community of Aiden who talk about this also.
  12. I don't think having a partner for accountability and mentoring who is of the opposite gender is wise for anyone. There is way too much opportunity for problems. Why such a recommendation?
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  13. Sorry I meant it is suppose to be same gender not opposite
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  14. Excellent!
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  15. Since I heard of the idea of "accountability partners," I have wanted that but have not formed such a relationship, except with my husband. For the two of us, it is working, and I don't want to disturb that, because it gives us another facet to our relationship. I think it is a good idea, however.

    My main problem with having him as my accountability partner is that unless it is church business (as i've said, I work for a church), I just SPILL THE BEANS!! Although I am a generally quiet person, when it comes to him, I am too blunt, too open, too ready to just "say it" when I am going through something or learning something from the Bible: there's no hiding anything! When it comes to church business, my lips are sealed at all times. Sometimes, I wish I were more like the business side of me when it comes to my personal stuff.
  16. My girlfriend is my accountability partner. I am very happy that I found her.
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  18. Thanks
  19. Hello Lance, it certainly sounds like a good idea but the one question I'd ask is, is there no Elder experienced Christians you feel accountable to in your assembly?
  20. I'm new in my church so haven't got to involved yet. I have people I talk to but atm no one I would say is someone I go to for accountability per say.

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