An Old Fashioned Life?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. An Old Fashioned Life?

    What do you do to keep in touch with old fashioned ways?
    What do you do that could be done an easier way that you prefer doing the old fashioned way?

  2. I must admit whne I was you I loved to camp and hike- I loved to chop logs for the fire- a real outdoorsguy -but now my idea of roughing it is not being able to find the remote!
  3. Brother? You were me? :p
    You are so funny though! The remote!!!!!!!
    Hey, you just redid a whole house!!!

  4. I have a bread machine, but I enjoy making bread by hand.
    When I go camping, I have a gas stove but always cook over a fire.
    I have a rototiller but enjoy digging the garden by hand with a shovel (I'm just perverse).
    I have a car but enjoy walking everywhere.
    I have a boat but enjoy swimming :)
    I have a computer but sometimes I just enjoy writing out ideas in longhand.
    I have shoes but enjoy walking barefoot
    I have a swimsuit (but I choose to claim the fifth amendment)
    Just joking...
  5. Don, good for you! I like that in a person, not looking for the easiest way all the time!

  6. Yes we remodeled our whole house - will most of it anyway- I have to accumulate funds to continue- it was rugged but it is kind of nice now that we can look at the fruit of our labours! One thing I did learn from it- I now know why contractors charge so much money!LOL!
  7. Yes, think of the money you spent and quadrupel that!
    We work in our house just bits and pieces at a time~
    You will have to post some pics you know! :)
  8. I love to cook from scratch, but that's no news!;) I also would love to remodel an old home like an English cottage or small Victorian maybe! Not myself, though! I would definitely hire someone!;) I like to iron Ken's shirts and clothes myself, rather than take them to the cleaners. My mother thought me the "proper" way to iron and it stuck. I just love the way a buttoned down shirt looks after I finished ironing it. It's funny, but because I lived in Romania I am sort of a generation behind compared to people my age who lived here all their lives. We had outhouses, raised chickens and killed, plucked and cook them ourselves, had the type of irons that you set on the burner to heat and had to cook food from scratch all the time because there was no "preprepared" anything!

  9. Laura, that is so interesting though! I'd love that kind of life!
  10. I haven't unpacked enough stuff to find my camera- LOL!

  11. Laura,

    Can you come and do my ironing ?? That is one thing I just hate doing and right now have a big basket of ironing staring me in the face and I just keep saying "tomorrow".

    That is so interesting that you talk about all the old time things and I can relate to that as years ago, I lived in Scotland where I was a nanny and it was my job to make breakfast and I had to get up and throw wood into the stove to get it started and then go around and light all the fireplaces in the big old lodge.

    We also had fresh egss from the chickens and milk from the cow and I would let the cream come to the top and then have it on my porrage. Somehow I think those days were less stressful than the world we live in now where we have everything to make things easier.
  12. Deal! You come and clean my house, I'll do your ironing for you! I have to warn you though... My house is a HUGE mess!!

    My paternal grand parents lived in the country and when I went there for summer break, we cooked that way too with wood stove and water that we had to bring in buckets from a near by common well. They had no running water. I adore the eggs we would get fresh from under the hen! The yolks were orange and they did not run all over the plate when you poked them! It was awesome!

  13. It's a electrical thingy that you plug in the wall and press your clothes with it!:p

  14. Back in the mid 1950's we were so poor that we had to send the dog out to get a job.

    We had so little that the mice wouldn't even come in our home because there weren't any scraps to eat.

    We were so poor that we couldn't afford fireworks. We just caught fireflys and put them in a bottle.

    We were so poor that my Grandma's portrait was on the food stamps.

    Our cow dried up now and then so we ate cereal with a fork to save milk.

    We were so poor that my Daddy had to wrestle with the squirrels for the peanuts....

  15. We used to get money from our rich uncle in the poor house!
  16. I can't tell if you guys are joking or not.:confused::confused:
  17. Dusty - I think that the :D in the posts may give you a clue...

    We were so poor that burglars used to break in to our house to LEAVE money.

    We were so poor that my grand dad got arrested one night for trying on t shirts from the Salvation Army drop off box.

    Once I went to Grannys house in the good old days. I lit a match in her house so I could see and the roaches started singing "Clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the Lord 'cause we got heat!"

    We were so poor that Mama went to McDonald's and put a milkshake on layaway.

  18. Oh OK.... PAstor Gary.... Got ya...... But Bro Larry didn't have one.

  19. I like wearing aprons~kinda old fashioned to some women~


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