An even more desperate situation.

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  1. Today, there was this seminar or assembly for the seventh and eighth grade. There was this man talking about being kind and embracing individuality, though I believe that none can be truly kind without the Lord Jesus.
    He was talking about accepting everyone and not knowing what they went through.
    What's wrong with this? Well, I believe that if kids are told these things, they are more likely to never come to Jesus. This was two whole grades getting fed this. It made me angry. His message was "good", but you can never truly have good without God.
    What do you guys think?
  2. That's how the world works. If you take a psychology class, you'll learn all about how "good" people are and how we all have a story and we are products of our environment.

    It's a lot like how the devil works, there is a little truth in it, but it is a lie, and makes people feel good. All we can do is stand firm in the faith and declare the gospel
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  3. What kind of school do you go to Juk? Do you have any classmates who are also believers?
  4. I go to a charter school, and several kids claim to be believers, but they sure don't act like it. I know that many people say they are Christians when they are either deists or they just want to sound cool. I admit that I sometimes don't act like how I should, because I get irritated at certain times in the day. But I hate hating others and making anyone feel bad. I also hate seeing injustice.
  5. What about teachers? Any teachers in your school christians?
  6. I think my old English teacher is. But other than her, there are none that make it explicitly clear.
  7. well, you can't hold them to a standard when they don't even know what it's meant to be.
    I think just keep shining your light and when ppl start asking why you so different, you can then tell them. It is true that we are all different and not clones of each other. Even as christians we are different, although we then have the mind of Christ, we still have different, individual personalities.
    Also its true we don't know all a person went through unless they tell us. But God knows and he sees everything.
    Maybe you can talk to your english teacher and ask her to pray and show her your concern.
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  8. I dunno, I have you guys here. And most importantly, I have God.
  9. Update:
    I remembered more things about the assembly. The speaker said that once we learn to be kind to each other, and start to "love", this country will experience healing. I personally think that this country (the U.S.) will never experience healing until it is too late. But that is classic Satan, once again trying to bring good without God, which is impossible.
    That guy also talked about God. But whenever he did, it always was in an indirectly negative sense, although I believe that this might not have been on purpose. But it was the classic ignorant view of God: that He was the type of God that deists believe in, not really doing anything but smashing people per striking them with lightning once in a while. I believe that this man also attacked the Lord God through these methods.
    It was an "emotional" experience. Though I did not cry, many others did. I did shed a tear when he started talking about gays and stuff because that automatically makes me upset and I shed tears when I get upset sometimes (sorry for mentioning homosexuality). The point is that that is also classic Satan. Using the emotions against others. Nowadays, I only cry when I hear a very moving Christian song, or when I see some serious injustice happening against God or my relationship with the same. I guess God has taught me what to cry for and be emotional about, and thank Him for that.
    My suspicions were kinda confirmed when I saw the speaker cleverly flash the satanic hand sign near the end of his presentation.

    Just some updates on this even more desperate situation. I am amused at how cleverly Satan played this one, though. My schoolmates would never believe me if I told them these things.
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  10. ?
    Well, when people talk about God without mentioning Jesus is Lord or saying He is Father yes they could mean a different god.
  11. I know the way that this man presented the material was upsetting to you, but in all reality it is what God wants you to do. See you have an advantage over some people, you know Christ as your Savior, and know that this is all done better in God's strength, than on our own. People by nature love people that love or are nice to know (because you have God inside of you) that God's desire is that we love people who are nice, and those that despise us, or are our enemies. That is the love of God.
    Love everyone with the Love that He placed in your heart when you accepted Christ as your savior. So much of the world does not know the love that God has for them, because so many have decided to preach hatred of sin and included the sinner in with the sin. So in a sense the world does think of God as one up in Heaven waiting to strike someone down if they make a mistake. But we know that God is not that way.

    If more people knew that God loves them despite what they have done....then the more likely they are to accept what Jesus did for them on the cross. When people know that someone loves them, they feel happy and want to do everything to please them. The same is with God. When people know that He loves them, they will desire to do everything to make Him living the way that pleases Him, and following His ways.

    In my opinion the speaker was right when he said that when we all learn to love, healing will begin to take place. The devil wants us all (believers and non believers) to grab ahold of division and strife and hatred, because those things let the work of the devil in (James 3:16) and if we can do what vs. 17, and 18 say then we can plant the seeds that God wants planted.

    Always remember that God loves everyone. Even if they have committed murder, or are gay, or are an adulterer, or whatever. Not one person goes to hell for sinning, but for not accepting Jesus as payment for their sin.

    Blessings little man!
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  12. Great inspirational words.
  13. Never thought of that. But the same thing goes, they are pulling people away from God.
  14. First off, people can be kind and do good things without Jesus. Jesus is who we need to be made spiritually alive and have a heart for God in what we do, instead of selfish or vain motivation. Don't be so angry because the world is telling itself to be kind. You don't want to associate with mean unbelievers do you?

    Also, you said them hearing these things will make them more likely to never come to Jesus. That's where you are wrong because God can save anybody my friend. Everything the world says brings people away from God, so the fact anyone is saved is a testament to God's gracious power. Don't worry my friend.
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  15. I personally believe that there is no good reason to love anyone that you are not close to if not for God.
  16. Unbelievers like love and kindness too believe it or not.
  17. I know, but worldly love is almost always directly related to sex. Even if it isn't, it is always void of the Word of God.

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