An anti-virus warning.....

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  1. An anti-virus warning.....

    I wouldnt normally post security risks unless I thought that they might be important, this one is:

    Kaspersky Lab reports a new and dangerous blackmailing virus

    Make sure you are keeping your antivirus updated daily if you are running Windows (all versions, including Vista), regardless of what you are using....
  2. Thanks for the warning MH!
  3. That is a nasty virus (yes I know they are all nasty but this is blackmail.) Thanks for the warning
  4. Are they the only ones who can "cure" the problem with this virus? They want you to contact them.
  5. You can contact Kaspersky, or whatever software support your antivirus software provides if this does happen to your computer.

    Kaspersky's recommendations as what to do if your computer becomes infected are valid.

    We do use Kaspersky in our defense structure at work (cant say much more than that, its classified.) I'll vouch for them.

    Do not contact the blackmailer under any circumstance.
  6. Don't contact any hacker, virus-sender or spammer. They can easily trace you and cause more trouble. At times, they can even use your computer or online accounts to spread their work.
  7. Just for the record, once the virus encrypts your files, there is no way to decrypt them currently.

    There is however a recovery utility that you can use called Photorec that can recover the files.

    More of an explanation here: - Virus.Win32.Gpcode.ak
  8. ... Of course there is the near perfect solution. You can download an iso image of Ubuntu, write the image to disk with Nero or any other ap. that will write an image to CD and the you will have a live CD that you can test the system with, without changing the first thing on your current Windows system. From that CD you can install the system as a second operating system and if you are running Win 2k up you can download a small utility to read and write you NTFS files.
    ... The beauty of the system is that it is totally free and by just point and clicking you can install over 4300 free programs that will do anything that Windows will do. And if your like me and search the web a lot there are over 43,000 free programs available. If you feel that it is just a bad idea because you need your MS Office then download Wine, free, and it will run your MS Office like it is native to the system.
    ... I am now nine months into the system and zero infections and zero malware. Oh yeah, Ubuntu is one of those "Linux" systems so you will need to forget the lies that have been told about how difficult it is to use. It is a much more secure system than Windows but Ubuntu and many of the other Linux systems, all free, are point and click.
  9. Thankfully my antiviruse updates about 23 times a day so I should be fine if they have found a fix for it!!!
  10. I'll second that.....

    Used Linux for over 5 years now, no intention of ever going back to using Windows at home....

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