An adulterous woman will never marry the Bridegroom, who is Jesus Christ

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  1. An adulterous woman will never marry the Bridegroom, who is Jesus Christ. An
    adulterous woman, who loves the world, but wants to love the Lord must cut
    down the world by crucifying her sinful nature (GAL5:24). If the flesh (Greek:
    Sarx: sinful nature) is crucified, one’s outward man comes to lose it power and
    the inward man becomes rightfully strong.

    If the inward man becomes robust, the relationship of love with the Lord will be
    tied up. To have a relationship of love with the Lord, one has to crucify his
    outward man, who loves the world. Having a relationship of love with the Lord
    is both burning the oil lamp and being bound to the Lord with a love belt. If one
    is not dressed ready to greet the Lord, he will meet Him as a thief; and in the
    end, that one will go into the fire of hell. One must then, learn the preaching of
    the cross so that he lives his life always dressed, ready for service.

    -From the book "Eternal Gospel"( -

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  2. All sin separates man from his creator.
    My sin (at least in terms of which acts I commit) are no less in terms of my relationship with the Lord.

    It is for just these that the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us.

    If the blood of Christ covers my iniquity, it can cover those of anyone.

    If we percieve some act as a greater sin, it is only because we have a greater problem maintaining our resolve in that area.
  3. Was Paul referring to killing Christians in Rom 7:15. Of course Jesus's blood can cover us for mortal sins. But we can be forgiven for seeing these fruits as a love of sin > hatred Matt 7:16.
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