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  1. Amillennial View

    Abandoned the Dispensational view and later replaced it with the Amillennial view (In the late 70's or early 80's), which I find to be more practical, accurate, and logical. It was very anticlimatic making this change from the sensational and exciting Dispensational view, but I find it true to the historical record and to common sense Bible interpretation.

    As promised on another thread, I have dug up an excellent presentation of the Amillennial view by Malcolm Smith. Granted the series is very old and was recorded in about 1974? during the Carter administration. I have put considerable time into digitizing and cleaning up these old tapes with Adobe Audition, but they are indeed a classic. The Amillennial view doesn't change very much because it is built on history and symbolism taken from the Old Testament. So it is just as true today as it was back in the mid 70's.

    Because there are several students of the Bible here, I wanted to make this series available to you, which will broaden your knowledge and perspective of Eschatology - even if you don't agree with the presentation. However I have only posted the first Introductary Lecture here, which is the first hour of the twelve hour series. This represents a bit of work for me to splice all the sections (tracks) together and to convert to MP3. This I will gladly do - if there is any interest even by one person.

    Here is the introduction. There are two errors on these tapes that I have noticed. Malcolm confuses the emperor Diocletion with Dometian. The latter is accurate - on the first tape. He also thinks that the District of Columbia is a state - excusable for a Brit I guess. This is a 10 meg file - if this is a problem I could just post the five tracks separately without combining them like I have done.

    Lecture One - Introduction
  2. Is this not in effect Preterism?

    I listened to the file and found it very good. Thanks for sharing. I think it is very important that the book of revelation be read very carefully, noting how it was relevant to the time and its application to today and the future but without becoming too dramatic in the interpretation so as to take the text out of context.

    I would very much like to listen to the rest of the series.

  3. I'll post some more of them. No - I would call it "partial preterism." The Amil view is also often linked with the doctrines of Covenant Theology. This is almost totally absent in most of the circles that I have been around.

    I'm presently reading Malcolm's book (2002) titled, "The Power of the Blood Covenant." He is saying that they had a much different perspective on Christian life in NT times because of their understanding of the Blood Covenant - he says it is almost unknown in our day. How many Topics on the Blood Covenant have you seen on forums like this?

    The site you posted does not really represent my view. Neither does Dwight Pentecost's one paragraph ridicule of the Amil view in his book, "Things to come." We all are aware of how people who do not approve of us find it easy to distort information about us.

    The best site in my opinion is Ross Taylor's site...
  4. Interesting thanks Jasher
  5. Thanks for sharing, they are very interesting. :cool:
  6. warning ...know your promises that God gives

    rev 4:4 Around the throne were twenty four thrones, and on the thrones

    rev 3:21 To him that overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne.....

    overcomer... 1 john 5:4-5

    I saw twenty four elders sitting

    Heb 4:9There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

    clothed in white robes;

    rev 3:5 He that overcomes shall be clothed in white garments...

    and they had crowns

    #1 crown of Rejoicing 1 thes 2:19
    #2 crown of righteousness 2 tim 4:8
    #3 crown of life james 1:12
    #4 crown of glory 1 peter 5:4
    #5 incorruptible crown 1 cor 9:25

    of gold on their heads.
  7. Jasher: Thanks for your time and effort. I shall enjoy listening to these.
  8. This has been an intersting series thanks Jasher! By the way when is your annivesary I want to by your wife a card :D- LOL! Sorry inside joke folks! :cool:
  9. Jasher wrote:
    I agree Jasher. I'll take it a step further, how many times do you hear about the Blood Covenant being preached or taught on Sunday mornings? Not nearly enough. Our teacher was just talking about this very subject in class this morning. Many Pastors are afraid to talk about the blood, for fear it's being not "politically correct". He went on to give an example of gang members in various parts of the country. How they take very serious the blood covenant between one another. It's sad that sinners and unbelievers in other parts of the world know the value of blood covenant; though their participation in it is warped.

    Well, without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins (Heb. 10:18).


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