American's Wife Faces Sudan Death Penalty For Marrying A Christian

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  1. Mother's Day was not a happy day for Meriam Yahia Ibrahim. While her second child is almost due, the 27-year-old Sudanese doctor now faces execution for marrying a Christian.
    Ibrahim has been imprisoned, along with her 20-month-old son, in Khartoum since February. She is married to a South Sudanese Christian with U.S. citizenship—Daniel Wani—but because her father was a Muslim, the state does not recognize her marriage and charged her with adultery and apostasy in March. Morning Star News (MSN) has chronicled her case.
    On Sunday [May 11], Ibrahim drew a fresh round of activist attention after a court convicted her and sentenced her to death for apostasy and 100 lashes for adultery. MSN has the details. Middle East Concern reports that "there is no known precedent for such a verdict and sentence being issued by a Sudanese court against a follower of Jesus in recent times."
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  2. This is absolutely terrible news.

    But, why do people still do such when knowing how harsh Islam's laws are in Africa and Mid east? It is not like this is something new.
  3. That was my thought..why go to these places, if you don't have to be there?
  4. adultery ???
    yet most African and Middle East countries that are Muslim have legal polygamy ..

    adultery ..
    my bet is they give her the 100 lashes then execute her ..
    (btw: these hypocrites still have sexual slavery)

    apostasy ..
    I also bet that country is on the UN Human Rights Committee ..
  5. I was thinking the same thing. If you know the penalty why risk it? Either move to another country and get married or don't get married at all. It's suicide to do it there.
  6. Her marriage is not the problem, it's that she has followed her mother's faith (Orthodox) as opposed to her father's (Islam).
    Since her father is Moslem, from the Sharia point of view, she should be also, sice he is not, she is an apostate Moslem from their point of view, even though she has never been a Moslem.

    You need to suffer from a particularly strong kind of stupid to be a Moslem in the first place. Their laws and behavior only prove the point.
  7. While this story is disturbing, but not uncommon, calling those that believe in Islam, stupid is hypocrisy at its finest.

    While their story is slightly more modern than yours, they believe in their God just as you believe in yours. Christianity was just the same before it became watered down in Western society, although still manages its share of atrocities.

    Moslems, like christians mostly don't have any choice whatsoever when it comes to religious affiliation - it is forced into them from early years so I imagine calling 'them' a 'strong kind of stupid' would be pretty insulting all things considered.
  8. Belief has nothing to do with. One should check their beliefs and hold them up to the light occasionally.
    Islam is based on lies. Lies that anyone with half a brain could see through if they but took the time.
    But, like most cults, they believe that even to question their beliefs is damning.
    If they would actually READ the Quran and Haddith instead of just mindlessly quoting it perhaps they might
    notice that the Quran and reality have only a passing resemblance, and that their prophet was no prophet at all.

    It is the responsibility of every thinking being to find out the truth about what is going on in the world, not
    just blindly follow the masses.
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  9. Oh dear, your hypocritical cup really does overfloweth Glomung.

    Most of what you say is bang on the money, only I would apply it to every cult including christianity.
  10. Very poor attempt at being insulting, F for FAIL.

    It really is sad, how those who frankly don't know their backside from their elbow are so free with their ignorance when it comes
    to judging realities far outside their own experience.

    You know less than nothing about Islam or it's supporting scriptures, that is obvious.

    Christianity is not a cult. Again your ignorance is showing. Though there are many who claim to be Christian who do belong to cults (in the modern sense of the word).

    There is a book out
    Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
    by Nabeel Qureshi

    I have not read it, but I know those who have, and they've said it was very informative on many points.
    Perhaps you might learn something about Islam and Christianity by reading it.
  11. You worship an idol and have rituals don't you?

    It's never a cult if you are within it is it? I wonder if all the other cults claim not to be a cult and dismiss every other belief as a cult?
  12. "You worship an idol and have rituals don't you?"

    That would be a "NO".

    Do you worship idols? That is forbidden in Christianity.

    You seem to have gotten your panties all in a bunch. Something bothering you?
  13. Baptism, communion, burial, prayer?

    Ok, so you don't call them an idol. Your God is another mans idol then. Those that you call idols are another mans God.
  14. I do not practice rituals. I have particpated in what you would call rituals in the past, i.e. baptism.
    But that has nothing to do with the definition of a cult, which is what I believe you were trying to imply.

    An "idol" is usually accepted to be a physical representation of some deity or other, i.e. statue.
    We don't do that, stems from some "thou shalt not" I saw written down somewhere or other.

    What is your definition of the word "cult"?
    If by "cult" you mean "religion" then your attempts at mudslinging were wasted and your arguments meaningless.
    Try not to paint with so broad a brush.

    If you are offended because I hold nothing but contempt for Islam, be offended. Get used to it.
    If truth offends you, you deserve to be unhappy.

    And like it or not, there is such a thing as objective truth.
  15. did you mean to say and christianity? or are you saying christianity is a cult?
  16. Seriously, why are you on this site? Is it so you can learn or just to start arguments with Christians?
  17. Arguments and learning go hand in hand.
  18. Their is a difference between ignorant arguments, which go nowhere, and intellectual arguments which help both parties listen to each other and learn from each other. All the arguments you start have no intellect whatsoever, so I have to disagree.

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