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  1. Thanks Violet!!!!!! I have this in "my Favorites" among other songs with U2 or Bono in. :amen: I love this song too!
    XOXOXO kisses
  2. I'll have to look up my one and only YouTube video that I put in when I get home later today from work. It's under U2, not Yahweh, even though the song is "Yahweh". It was recorded at a concert 2005 in Houston, Tx. .....right after hurricane "Rita".... The sound quaility isn't real was loud and I used a cheep digital...heheheh but it brought tears to my eyes there.:)
  3. Isn't it great?
    Yeah, I'd like to hear the other~
    Big smootches comin' your way too!
    Look out!!! :dance:
  4. Ok...hope this see it.:D

    remember, sound is grainy and the replies are totally mean...these are the same ones that say mean things on all of U2's videos.:rolleyes: Some people just don't have a life!

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