America And It's Relationship To The End Of The World

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  1. Rusty, you obviously started this thread for a reason. It's page 11 - time to tell us what you think, no one will feel you grabbed a soap box. So state what theory your certainly harboring.
  2. BTW, Coat of Arms are not National symbols, they are Family crests
  3. Actually, Daniel 7:4 is a symbolic beast composed of many parts and characteristics....plucked eagle's wings being one:

  4. Sorry...only partially true. According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

  5. It's right in my OP:

    I would like the see others biblical logic. That's all. Thought something new might turn up for me.
  6. I will reiterate that the Eagle is an American symbol as the Bear is for Russia, or the British Bulldog or Lion in the past. You can find all these on Coat of Arms. I did not look up all the refs you posted but 95% of them were family crests not National... and the only time a Coat of Arms is National is when the Family owning it ruled the country. Still, I agree eagle wings not so powerful as an eagle head :^) symbolically.

    Rusty, you seem preoccupied to keep the subject on what you opened with and having read the thread from stem to stern recently (how long have I been posting?) it seems to me that Dirty was right - there appears to be a consensus that America is not named in prophecy, except vaguely. We are a country founded in God's name with freedom to worship and pursue happiness as best we can. Should what this country stands for be lost - surely the whole world loses too. At our best, we shine with the angels.

    Now if you feel you have picked up things in other places that pertain to your subject tell us so we may examine it. Otherwise, allow the conversation to flow as it will. It's all good.
  7. Welll.....I think you are missing my points Silk: only one country's coat of arms on my list* mentions a family, and that is Serbia's. The rest are national emblems. I personally take the OED's definition over anyone else when it comes to a definition over "coat of arms"

    My point throughout my OP is that I do not see specific modern nations having anything to do with prophecy: folks here agree that America does not, but have failed to convince me that any other modern nation does.

    * Fuller explanations here: Look under "Eagles as national symbols.
  8. Well that is because you wanted focus on America only.........didn't you?
  9. Calvin, I loved that link (twinkle).
    Rusty, I know I should just give up but if the crest is of a ruling family is used as a National - the minute the ruling family is out the crest is no longer national. America still has the eagle as a symbol no matter who we vote in. If you want to research the ruling family of serbia when the symbol of an eagle is used, I say go to it.
    I mean you were talking about symbols in prophecy right?
  10. Rusty, I'm missing something here. Let's just talk about second coming prophecies for the moment. Those prophecies would ALL involve nations that exist in the future (from the prophecy). In other words - modern nations. In each generation Modern equals today. We are told that there will be signs of the end of days; Bad weather, Famine, Sickness, Wars and rumors of wars....check
  11. Right! I wanted focus on folks claiming that America WAS mentioned, as per my links earlier: I guess I will have to show some more wild claimers:

    Take a few minutes to check these sites about and see that many Christians have VERY different views about America in prophecy.
  12. Of course the entire planet is involved at the doubt of that.

    My questions are concerning modern Christians taking the names of OT nations and transcribing them to a literal and geographic locale (erroneously) and not seeing God's purpose in mentioning the ancient national oppressors of the Jewish nation that was.
  13. Forget it Silk....Very few of the nations that use the eagle as a national symbol have royal families any longer....That's not my point.

    The eagle symbol is thought by American's to be uniquely theirs: My list shows that it is not.

    It was the symbol for ancient Rome as well has Nazi Germany....

    The only time "eagle" is used in the OT is just it's plucked wings....ONCE...and not a solid reason to suggest it has a thing to do with America...Or can you tell me how this lone reference possibly can?:

  14. I still have to look at yer links. But I want to say that I didn't say it's uniquely ours. (we were around before the Nazis) I am saying when I look for a symbol, I look to the most likely fit, I don't care if it's East Somalia. And I already told you I agreed that eagle wings not that powerful. I agree that - well wait- had to go back and reread the post -if you are saying trying to make OT enemies into present day demon hords. God wants us ALL back - no more enemies. Satan loves the enemy concept.
  15. Huh? Can you elaborate on that last post, Silk? I don't understand.
  16. Sorry Rusty, I was in a rush.
    Letting go of the eagle thing. I was just trying to say that when looking at symbols, I look for the best fit. IMO eagle is American.

    you said: My questions are concerning modern Christians taking the names of OT nations and transcribing them to a literal and geographic locale (erroneously) and not seeing God's purpose in mentioning the ancient national oppressors of the Jewish nation that was.

    I thought you were trying to say that people who wrongly try to transcribe old enemies from OT into modern day enemies. Maybe you better re-explain what you were trying to say. You said in one or two posts that you felt that it was important to decode prophecy correctly: ie the Jews did not recognize the messiah. To misread and act out against "enemies" named would be a terrible thing. Bringing about what you are trying to avoid.
  17. Do they still call America the world's breadbasket? Somewhere I read all the good food land is on the latitudes of Cancer and Capricorn? Last year was a lousy year for crops in the US, due to the drought(s). We've had states literally burning all summer, floods and storms. Have you all noticed the rise in food costs? If we have another drought year, alot of the world will starve. America/Atlas has been trying to hold up the world while being attacked. If America collapses, the world will dive head first into chaos. So, if that's Satan's plan - it's a good one
  18. Well that last link lost my respect before the first paragraph was read. Anybody who claims angels can interbreed with humans, I classify as being 250 IQ points below idiot grade.
    I'll see what the other links have to say later.

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