Amazing and Awesome Tree Houses

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  1. Those are some beautiful tree houses. Question, wouldn't they be even more likely to be struck by lightning in the case of a thunderstorm?
  2. That is a definite yes and while they are nice to visit I wouldn't want to live in one!!!!:D
  3. I was a tomboy when I was young and I always wanted my very own tree house. Daddy always said that they were too dangerous, especially for little girls (Daddy is still a little over protective of his girls).

    Wow how creative these are!

    You're right though Sis, I never thought of that before... they would naturally be more likely to be struck by lightening.

    They are awesome though. Thanks for sharing them Brother Larry.

    Blessings, Cheri
  4. Lar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome!!! I grew up with tree forts, now it's houses:eek: That brought back sweet memories:D TY Jesus for the past time:israel::israel::cool: XLT post Boanerges!!

  5. Just build them among alot of trees. They are just as safe as regular houses .I would not mind living in a tree house as long as the tree is still alive and healthy:cool: Ho man what a fantasy!!! that could come true! That really turns me on to the idea!!:eek::israel::D

    Chili out.
  6. wow seeing how high some of those are turns my stomach... i am definatly not a big fan of hights lol

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