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  1. tell me if I'm mom wants me to chip in for a car for my brother...1) he's older than me. 2) ttc He has his own job and has been on it long enough to buy 2 cars, especially cash cars 3) I have to save up for college classes

    4) no one chipped in for my car ...I mean my mom is getting it ...but still, why should I have to pay for my brother's car when I have to pay for my own stuff , I have my own obligations.. And he's almost 30 geez

    5) today's is supposed to be my birthday :/
  2. 5) today's is supposed to be my birthday :/

    Happy Birthday young lady :) I pray your day was a huge fun filled blessing.
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  3. Autumn - Pray over the situation and always allow God to influence your decisions. Please remember, however, that God answers our prayers to Him on His schedule, not ours.

    Blessings and Happy Birthday !!! :)
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  4. I just feel since my brother is almost 30 and been on his job long enough to get himself a car I think its only right he pays for his I help pay a bill for my mom and I'm saving for my tuition.

    I feel if I help get my bro a car he should chip in for my tuition..

    Idk I just don't think think that makes sense
  5. Maybe your mom wants you to help him, because she is going to help you get yours. And she is trying to help you all learn about helping others instead of doing just for yourself. She teaching you to be a giver like God is.
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  6. Happy Birthday!! :D
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  7. Pray and learn to be Spirit Led and not led by feelings and human reasoning.
    God is your source for everything including making the right choices.

    If a million people including Christians told you to do things a certain way and God wanted a different way, what did you profit by listening to a million people?

    Seek the scriptures honestly and you will know what to do.
    Praying for you Autumn
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  8. Happy birthday.

    There was no mention of how much to chip in. So just chip in something that won't hurt your tuition. It's the thought that counts.
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