Am I right or wrong?

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  1. Need some advice...I recently broke things off with a man I was seeing for 3 months because I didn't feel like it was what I wanted but now I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. He is an amazing man who treats me like a queen and is a christian. Problem is he is a lot older than me, divorced and has already raised his kids (the youngest is 20) which is the exact opposite of what I want in a man. And on top of all of that he has a crazy work schedule which is what initiated the breakup. We decided to still be friends and he has been checking on me and still being there for me even though we aren't together, showing me that he really likes and cares for me. I have always had bad luck with men and he is the first man I've met that treats me the way I'm suppose to be treated I just felt letting him know my feelings was the right thing to do and that I shouldn't settle for something I don't really want even if it's with a good person. Lately however I've been wondering if i'm focusing on what I want as oppose to what I need because sometimes the person for you comes in a package you would have never expected and if this is really want God wants for me. I have prayed about it and felt led by the spirit to end things but maybe God just wants us apart for the time being but not forever..I don't know!! Maybe hearing from someone not close to the situation can help...thanks!!
  2. it is good he treats you the way you should be treated

    though I wonder if that suppose to be the exception instead the norm

    my sister ex husband was guy with good heart, and he treated my sister well throughout their courtship, and he was and still is a Christian

    the problem was he did not have moral conviction, and was easily lead by his family to do the things that he knew was wrong

    he ended up cheated on mine sister, moved the other woman into his house while they were in the process of reconciliation, and he did not mentioned to her about this either, until she confronted him about it

    it was all very messy

    I don't know

    I think he treating you well is a positive first step

    but you still need to take time out and check out his Christian characters

    as far as the age goes, is it just the age that bothers you, or is it also about issues of whether he want any more kids or not?

    I don't know, if he really turn out to be a Christian man with strong character, who geninuly loves you and treat you right, then I am not sure if age should be such a big issue.

    but anyway, have you prayed to God for guidance?
  3. Thank you for your response...he does exhibit Godly characteristics and behavior so thats not a problem...and yes I did pray to God for guidance and letting him know how I feel is what I felt God led me to do through a circumstance that happened (nothing bad it had to do with his job) but despite me breaking things off with him he is still being there for me as a friend and showing how much he cares which is making this so hard but I do feel we needed to stop dating the question is whether this is how God wants it to stay long term but I guess that will all be revealed in time..
  4. I have seen marriages where there is a considerable age difference.
    I think the success depends on what you expect out of life.
    You will have different aspirations and it would be a hurtle for the both of you.
    You will not travel the more gradual life transitions a more balanced marriage has.
    Would the kids accept you in that role?

    Of course you are the one that has to find God's will but my feeling is that if something out of the 'ordinary' is required there would be a definite evident purpose.

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