Am I Being Punished?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by SweetSurrender, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Am I Being Punished?

    Hey, I can't seem to view Smelly Cat's thread on Angels. It says I don't have permission to view this? Did I do something to deserve this kind of treatment? hehe
  2. i don,t think they want music that has a non christian message,but i am very careful of what i post.
  3. SS, that may have been a thread which we moved to a private discussion area. It's nothing you need to worry about. :)
  4. I can’t find it anywhere.
    I saw it earlier and watched the video. I looked up the lyrics and didn’t find anything too terribly wrong with them, but now it seems the whole thing is gone.

    Does anyone know where it went?
    And why?
  5. It's been moved to a private forum accessible only to the team.

    I haven't read the lyrics so I am not sure if it is good or not. We'll look at it anyway.
  6. Was just listening to the music . It is not something we do as Christians . We do not worship angels . It has more of a new age message not a Christian message. I can see how it might give the wrong message to some of our new Christians who are on the forum .

    Thanks Michael but I think this one is best left where it is .
  7. no problem i try to read lyrics to stop a bad message.
  8. Possibly what happened was , you were listening to the song and it was being transferred at the same time . We are not in the habbit of punishing people .

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