Am I Being Jealous Or Is This A Legitimate Concern?

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by AMABITSHY, May 3, 2013.

  1. My boyfriend, who I love very much is going to celebrate his son’s birthday with his son’s mother, which I don’t have a problem with. He mentioned they were thinking of a water park, to which I mentioned “wouldn’t you be in bathing suits?” Is it crazy for me to believe they would all be in bathing suits at a water park? When I see water park advertisements I see everyone in bathing suits, children and adults alike. Am I being jealous to feel a bit awkward about my boyfriend spending the day with his son’s mother in little attire, whom he was with for a very long time and was obviously in love with and attracted to for years? Aside from minimal clothing I'm not concerned, it's the minimal clothing that concerns me. Or is it a legitimate feeling to feel awkward that they could possibly be in little clothing together? It is true he doesn’t give me reason to feel jealous otherwise... am I overreacting, is my concern a jealous one? I definitely don't want to be that green eyed monster :(... help me please gather my thoughts in a positive, spiritual and trusting way. Thank you kindly.
  2. Well....Are you saved? Have you accepted Jesus Christ -The Living Son of The Living God-as your personal Savior from an eternity in Hell? Do you know that living life in eternity has nothing to do with how 'good' you are? Doing good works and deeds won't get you into Heaven-neither will Church attendance tithing, or giving. It is the condition of your heart the Lord looks at.

    God's Word does not promote Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationships. Do you two have children together? If not, I would suggest breaking it off and getting right with God first. You are going to stay jealous if you stay in this situation. If you are saved-it might just be the conviction of the Holy Spirit you are struggling with. Our God is a jealous God...
  3. I think you're overreacting. That's the simple answer. The more complicated one is you asking God for his guidance on the issue and asking Him point blank "Lord, do I have a reason to be jealous and/or concerned?"

    If you normally are not jealous in relationships, but are with your current boyfriend, I would take that as a red flag. Therefore, trust your intuition...
  4. I wouldn't be bothered by that.
  5. IMO, immodesty is a problem regardless of any relationship, but if the choice is that or not spending time with my kids, I will always choose my children. While it would be best for the situation to be different, father's need to be part of their children's lives. You should sit down and talk calmly about your concerns, but also understand that you cannot make him choose. He may simply be looking for what his son will enjoy the most.
  6. Well since he has already seen her naked more than once a bathing suit is not going keep him from forming that memory in anyway new.
  7. the bigger question is...why aren't you 'invited' to this?

    it's not a jealousy thing, but i wouldn't feel happy if the guy who supposedly 'loves me' is excluding me from portions of his life.

    edit to thought to this in general is...this is why divorce is hard. it's hard on the kids. it's hard on others who come into the fold, because they are often considered outsiders. at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with ending a relationship if stuff like this is going to continue to happen, and make you uncomfortable. this is truly what dating is all about. deciding if another person's life etc is something you want as a part of your life. if he were to include you in this party, you wouldn't be posting this. i think the larger issue is that he excluded you. for whatever the reasons are. if it is so not to cause drama with his ex wife...then why did he divorce? lol at the end of the day, the talk you should have with him, is where is this heading. not about bathing suits, and such. but rather, are you going to be a part of his life or not. in totality.

    this is why i don't fall in love. lol

    it's too complicated. :=P but good luck with however things work out! prayers for you.

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