Am I A Failure For Failing To Complete A Fast?

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  1. Greetings,

    I am newly saved, but have always had a relationship with God. Today, I attempted a 40 day fast with just fruits, vegetables, water, and going off my medication, Adderall. By 2PM I failed and binged on food. I must stop and say that I also struggle with anorexia and bulimia for which I have been praying about over and over. **I began reading the bible and pray as often as I can. I listen almost entirely to Christian music. I am now interested in only dating Christian men. I go to a Christian ministry for eating disorders (although I haven't gone in about a month because of my eating disorder) and I just completed a woman's bible study.

    I thought that somehow, someway God would heal me of this. I thought the fast would be good and an amazing challenge because I have binged on food so much. I kneel before him and pray. I pray before I have started a binge. Why can I not overcome this?

    Yesterday at church I approached a lady by the name of Ruth who was so kind as to talk and pray with me. She said very clearly that God is going to use me to bring people closer to him, which is something I actually think is the case as well. However, I feel that I am at a complete standstill with this eating disorder.

    My purpose for the fast was to become extremely close to the Lord. Only focus on Him and develop a relationship with Him that I never thought was possible. Though I failed, caved, binged and purged.

    Also, Is it not a good idea to do a fruit and vegetable fast the first time you attempt one?
  2. Hi and welcome!

    Fasting is good (y) . But fasting without taking meds and much needed foodstuff to survive or do your job is simply tempting God (n) . A 40 day fast because of the significance of Jesu's 40 day fast can also be seen as self righteous.

    If you are a new Christian, your effort will be better spent simply getting on your knees every night, talking to God and reading scripture.
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  3. a 40 day fast seems ambitious. A 16 hour fast can be just as beneficial.
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  4. @KingJ Thank you; the fast is actually because of our pastor. He is doing it and encourages us all two. He spend two sermons going over its significance as well as tips during the process and resources online. I attend a "mega church" so there are literally thousands that have probably attempted it. Also, I only told three close people that I was going to do it and advised them to not tell others, therefore, it was not for self-rightous purposes. However, I can see how it comes off that way. Does it make more sense now why I attempted the 40 day fast? Also, keep in mind I was attempting to do somewhat of a Daniel's fast where I eat only fruit and vegetables.

    Finally, after spending nights praying and reading the bible, I am still dtruggling with my eating disorder. How else can I find a revelation and overcome this??
  5. KingJ-What do you mean by Tempting God?
    • @Agricola: Thank you, I will certainly keep that in mind :)
  6. Jesus fasted for 40 days but He was God. Come back down to earth and be more realistic my dear.

    Consider meds and sugar levals and so on.

    God does not call us to FAST days. God calls us to salvation in Christ.
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  7. Thank you Major, however, why would a well known pastor at a mega church in a large city recomend this? Should I be concerned with his preachings?
  8. I done lots of fasts and it is very important to begin gradually. Begin with a sunrise to sunset fast or 16 hour like Agricola recomended, drinking only water and juice and then try doing a dinner to dinner fast and then work up to a day, two day and so on.
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  9. Sister there are a lot of things I could tell you but you aren't ready for them just yet. Here is a starter. Through experience I have had ministers who do what is called a mass project. It is a forcing of all people to do the same thing at the same time, deliverance, fasting, haven't quote--supernatural experiences. One Husband and wife in a meeting, they were called the happy hunters, last name was Hunter, They had everyone in the meeting seeing the same vision of a dove flying accross the room.

    The most important thing I see is that you aren't being taught a strong sincere faith message.
    Notice you are being required to do something before you are taught what your doing. As a little lamb you should be growing and learning teachings that are for new sheep. There are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing out there today.

    Many ministers like to make a vain show to gain numbers of people in the church for there offering money.

    You don't do works of any kind to earn your blessings from God, only actions of faith. God doesn't require a fast to be healed and doesn't require a fast. Fasting is to be done by individuals who feel in their heart is time to do.
    Evidence is ---why are we fasting. remember the blood of Jesus cleanses from sin and we appropriate that blood when we confess we missed it by sinning --if we do--. 1Jn.1:9.

    You are not condemned for quiting your fast unless you did it for a evil purpose. So now focus in on bible study, prayer, don't be conned into buying things like books till you know the Lord wants you to read a book. For a example a minister TV evangelist was selling a book (he loves money) it's title was Jesus is not the Messiah. Everyone should know Jesus is the Messiah.

    Mega churches are where people need to be praying where they should be placed by the Lord. Small Assemblies are where you get more love and attention. (not always) I personally go no where without the Lord's leading.

    God loves his people and he will help them--he promised. There is lots to learn, pray the Spirit will lead you. read Jn. 10 all of it. you'll be blessed. Jesus reigns, praise his name.
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  10. I could speculate and make accusations, but without knowing whom it is etc I will simply say, it is because he is only a human being. have youspoekn to him? being a mega church I doubt it, however I have seen time and time again a failed outcome, not just from fasting but other things too, is put firmly on the person who failed, that they did not have enough faith, they did not pray right, they did not have a correct attitude or they simply did not believe it would work in first place. IF you have been told this, then you are on shaky ground.

    As for what he speaks in the pulpit, do not blindly accept anything any man speaks, even if its well meaning ad full of good intentions. Listen, take notes and check them after, use a couple of study bibles so you can read the notes on verses etc. Secondly, you have an on-line home on these forums, just ask us here, lastly Holy Spirit will show you.

    As for the fast, you should be starting off slowly, some people just begin thier first ever fast by leaving out a single meal, then the next week they begin another fast by leaving 2 meals out, then a week later, the 3rd fast go for whole day. It is also perfectly fine to drink fluid and even pure fruit juice, fresh squeezed yourself is best.

    Before you begin, set a goal for your fast and reason for the fast. Fasting for a day, that's just a day of you and GOd, best to set a day when no one can or will distract you, just you and HOly SPirit and The Lord, praise worship, reading bible, sitting and listening to hear God speaking into you, that is what it is about, the fast shows you are obedient and will also bring your body into submission and obedience as it is being denied pleasure and sustenance from food. Adoniacole has given you testimony and same advice. It works.

    God Bless you , its good you asked.
  11. I just relised that you have eating addictions, so this will be even harder, its like asking any other addict to give up their addiction with no support, doomed to fail. You must be more realisitic with this, First fast for 16 hours, you will struggle, so why not start at lunch time, have a good solid breakfast, then begin your fast mid day , missing out lunch, then carry on to 8 or 9pm, that way you can hopefully manage your binging and not do it, you know that come 9pm you can eat again, so that is a realistic goal.

    I know previously I said find time on your own, but if you are going to be tempted to raid the fridge, then have someone you can trust sit gaurd and watch over you that you do not break this, but they must not distract you from your fast, so somoene you trust to do this.
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  12. Just a thought, but since anorexia and bulimia are big issues for you, I wonder if something as dietarily extreme as fasting is a good idea at this point. I wonder if it wouldn't be wiser to choose a "fast" in which you plan a healthy, balanced diet of moderate proportions? A fast like this would essentially deny two pressing urges of the flesh. Also, I question the wisdom of fasting from the medication. That should be discussed with your doctor. In fact, continuing the Adderall may help you keep your fast by aiding your focus and self-control.

    It would probably be helpful if you could have someone personally join you in a fast. You could encourage and support one another. Your fasts wouldn't have to be exactly the same, though it would probably work best if they were for a similar period of time.

    Two more thoughts come to mind. "Deliverance" from eating disorders may not come in the form of the urges/temptations going away, but in the form of your developing the strength and discipline to deny those temptations. The temptations may, in fact, be a form of a "thorn in the flesh" to keep you humble and dependent on the Lord.

    And finally, you are not a failure because you took on too big of a "project" and couldn't carry it through. Satan would love for you to take on that label and give up and condemn yourself. You are a precious child of God whom He loves very much. He is not looking for reasons to condemn you. He desires to build you up in all that is good and Godly.

    Edit: I see Agricola and I are thinking along similar lines. :)
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  13. Rom 8:13 For if you live after the flesh, you shall die: but if you through the Spirit do put to death the deeds of the body, you shall live.

    I want you to think about this verse and how the underlined clashes with a 'religious' practice. Then please give me your thoughts on why do you think Jesus fasted?

    To get closer to God? He is the Son of God and knew it, He could not be closer. To put the flesh under? He had the flesh under from day 1, He was sinless throughout his life. To get more in tune with God? No, as this implies there is a chance in the past that they couldn’t hear each other, lol, not likely.

    If we purposely put our lives in danger, we tempt Him.
  14. Morning "Life". I hope that you are well and thanks for the question on "Fasting".

    I do not know about your pastor's preaching, but what I can tell you is that "Fasting" is not a requirement. Anyone can do it if they so choose, but NOT because yhey are following the directions of Scripture.

    Fasting must not be an occasion for the flaunting of one’s religion. The Pharisees were guilty of this very thing (Matthew 6:16-18).
    Finally, the rigors of fasting must not be allowed to ignite a spirit of religious smugness and self-righteousness. This certainly could be a temptation (cf. Luke 18:9-14).

    Fasting, in the biblical sense, is the abstaining from food and drink for a spiritual reason. In the Old Testament era, the Jews fasted frequently, though there was only one fast prescribed by the law. Once each year, on the Day of Atonement, the Hebrews were to “afflict” their souls (Leviticus 16:31), which meant fasting (cf. Isaiah 58:3).

    There are no compulsory fasts required of Christians today as we do not live under the Law but in Grace.

    Fasting, for the Christian, is strictly a voluntary matter. It should arise out of a feeling of intense need, not as a result of mere formality.

    Wonderful to hear from you and I hope that you will stay around for awhile anf get to know the good people here.
  15. Thank you Major!

    I must interject and state that I believe I have misscommunicated the reasoning behind my fast. Our pastor did not, does not, and has not required anyone to complete a fast. He simply recommends it and states that many blessings and prayers have been answered by way of fast. He is taking us through Acts currently. He has also stated that there are other ways in which one can fast and has given resources on fasting and recommended we decide what is best for us. However, I do believe I went a little too far in attempting to eat just fruits and vegetables. Although I have an ED (eating disorder), I actually suspected that I could cleanse my body this way and become clean again, closer to the lord, and ultimately give up what has been holding me back from a closer relationship with Him. I realized the other night after reading several of your posts, as well as some outside material, that I am still living in the flesh. As I went to bed very a few nights ago I looked at my phone, in which I get a daily scripture delivered to my wallpaper; it had this:

    "So I say, Walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh."-Galatians 5:16

    This scripture appearing on my phone is not only a coincidence but interested since I will sometimes get random scriptures in my head that I feel the Lord is calling me to read. One of those scriptures I got in my head some time ago was Genesis 15:4.
    “Then the word of the Lord came to him: “This man will not be your heir, but a son who is your own flesh and blood will be your heir.” I have no idea what the above scripture would be telling me but the numbers and Book are almost identical other than for the chapter, for which I find to be rather interesting.

    I truly feel there is something I must not be doing right with the Lord, which is why I am still struggling with this eating disorder and anger issues from my past. Many Christians talk about how all you have to do is accept Jesus as your savior and you are born again. How come I do not feel this is the case or the case for myself?

    When does redemption happen? When I pray, confess my sins, and ask for forgiveness how do I know that I am doing it right or that my heart is in the right place? I feel like I am but then I hear these stories about people breaking down and their lives changes, etc. Why hasn’t that happened to me?

    What am I doing wrong, essentially?

    Sorry for going from one thing to another:confused:
  16. Thank you for the kind words. Now allow me to say this to eating disorder does NOT mean that you are not a child of God. YOU and yea ME as well as every other Christian alive today deals with the OLD NATURE of SIN.

    Comeing to Christ and being saved from the judgment that is coming, does NOT fic all of your problems here on this earth. We all struggle with the OLD NATURE of sin until the day we die.

    Listen to the man who wrote more than anyone else in the New Test....Paul:

    Romans 7:15-20
    "For what I do I allow not, for what I would that I do I not, but what I hate that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me".

    This is after he was saved. He is telling us that we will always struggle with the onld natue which is SIN.

    My dear.........redemtion happens the moment you place your faith and acceptance in the Lord Jesus Christ. He saves your soul from eternal damnation BUT that does not mean that you will all of a sudden be pain free/ or that you will not suffer in this life. We are all under the curse of original sin and it is simply part of the process of living.

    NOW...........keep the faith. Keep moving! Keep reading the Scripture and praying. Stay in church!

    Also remember Daniel. Please take the time to go and read the 1 3 chapters. You will see that Daniel and the 3 Hebrew children would eat only "PULSE". That in the Hebrew means........."VEGTABLES".

    Sounds to me like you are already on the right track! Keep reaching forward and upwards for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus the Lord. He will give you the strength overcome.

    Also remember this old proverd............
    "God made birds, and God made worms. But the bird has to go out and get the worm".

  17. Not at all, you only fail to understand why some fast.

    I am a diabetic and cannot fast. Does that mean God does not answer my prayers? Not at all! We are NOT instructed in the NT to fast. In the OT, the ONLY fast required was for the Day of Atonement. You may want to read what Jesus taught in Mark 2:18-22 to get a good perspective on this issue.

    Blessings :cool:
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  18. I think you're on the right track, here. To Abraham, it seemed logical that all of God's promises would be conferred upon Eliezer, the logical heir, as he had no son. God promised that he would have a son of his own who would inherit the land and the blessings of God. Later, Sarah tried to speed up God's promise by offering her maid, Hagar to Abraham, but God's plans had not changed, and Ishmael was not the fulfillment of God's promise. We tend to do what seems to make sense to us, but God's plans may be greater than we had imagined and our efforts to "force" His hand may simply complicate things. Abraham had a very specific promise from God, and He should have relied upon and waited for that promise.

    Redemption happened 2000 years ago, if time even means anything in the eternal realm. When you asked Jesus to be Lord of your life, you became the full beneficiary of that redemption. There is no magic formula for prayer, confession, or receiving of forgiveness. If your prayer, confession, and plea for forgiveness are honest and sincere, you are doing it right. Your heart is in the right place. Honesty, of course, is just as important as sincerity, because when you are honest, you recognize that you may not be in the place, spiritually, that God wants you to be, but that only means all the more that you need His forgiveness and help.

    God deals with individuals individually. Some people have a single, dramatic, instantly ransformative event in their lives that creates radical, visible change. Some people simply begin a lifelong process of learning and growing. Some people are freed instantly from addictions or big life issues, others are set on a path of working things through and learning about how God's grace is sufficient for them. It certainly seems like it would be easier to have your big issues simply vanish, but God is faithful, and He is wiser than we, and He knows what He desires to work in us and how best to accomplish that. Some might argue that you are missing something, not believing the right Scripture, or not having enough faith, or whatever. That is possible, and if it is the case, He will show you what that is in due time. Your task is simply to keep seeking His face. His desire is to welcome you into Heaven with the words, "well done, good and faithful servant." He will work in your life with that goal; trust in His faithfulness and love.

    The moment you gave your life to God, you were born again. At that very moment He began a transformation in you, and He will complete it. This aspect of our rebirth is not dependent on what we do, but on what He has done for us and will do in us. This is not "easy believeism", but an exhortation to trust Him, rely on His power, wait upon Him, and obey Him knowing it is not you who keep Him, but He who keeps you.
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  19. Q:"Am I A Failure For Failing To Complete A Fast?"

    A: NO

    In my opinion, fasting is often misunderstood and misused. As stated earlier, we usually set unrealistic goals for ourselves. Before fasting, one should always approach it with intent: get your heart aligned for the cause for which you are fasting with what the Word of God says on the subject, BEFORE you begin fasting. While fasting, pray, read, and meditate on the Word as mush as possible on the subject.

    Second, "fasting" isn't always about abstaining from food, it also entails depriving yourself of other luxuries: TV, secular books, worldly fellowship, and the list could go on forever. "Fasting" is about getting closer to God and solidifying your relationship and prayer life with Jesus Christ.

    The Blessings will come...maybe not immediately..but have faith...

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