am i a drunkard?

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  1. first of all im really sorry i dont really have any idea where to post it.

    so my question is in my title.
    i drink alcohol (beer and hard) but NOT frequently. I drink once or twice a month, sometimes i dont even drink in a month. BUT everytime i drink, i drink too much untill i am drunk.
    i am confused because some people told me that drunkard is when you drink frequently or everyday, is it true?so am i a drunkard?
  2. I think getting drunk every time is a problem. Have you ever thought about it before you start drinking and made a decision on how many you will have (set a limit for when you will stop)?

    If you can't follow a set plan, then I think you have a problem, but if you can make a conscious decision....say four drinks is the limit....and you can stick to it consistently, maybe the problem is more in the fact that once you start drinking you stop thinking. :)

    I am curious why you think you have a drinking problem......often we are worried about something because we know there is a problem.
  3. Hey! another thing. Consider who you are asking. Alcoholics tend to hang with people who drink as much or more than they do, so they can feel better about their drinking, "Well, look at Charlie...He's the one who falls asleep in his car in the parking lot" The thought is "I don't have a problem because I am not as bad as the other guy or at least no worse!"

    Are these people who say only if you drink every day there's a problem, your drinking buddies - who also get drunk every time?
  4. I would suggest that if you find the alcohol in control of you, rather than you in control of the alcohol, you are at least some form of addict. If you are in control of the alcohol, yet still consistently drink to excess, then I would definitely apply the term, "drunkard." A question to ask yourself is, do I get drunk because I find myself unable to stop, or do I get drunk because I like being drunk? Both are a problem, but each is a different slant on the issue and may require a different approach.

    Just to be clear, I don't have an issue with what you drink, or even how often, but the fact that it seems to inevitably lead to being drunk indicates a problem.
  5. I dont drink. As I sought the word of God regarding drinking, as it destroyed most of my family, I was confused with many saying the bible does not condemn drinking. Others said the bible does condemn drinking.
    I then went into prayer and God showed me this scripture:

    1Th 5:22

    Abstain from all appearance of evil. (KJV)
    22 reject every kind of evil. (NIV)

    22Abstain from evil [shrink from it and keep aloof from it] in whatever form or whatever kind it may be.

    22 Stay away from every kind of evil.(NLT).
  6. Ask yourself "why do I drink alcohol" ? Then ask yourself "can I go without it"? Then see yourself in the way God does (created for His glory).

    How does the consumption of alcohol bring glory to God? How do other people see the light of God in you when you drink? How do you communicate effectively to God when you drink?

    One thing I have noticed, and this is just a personel opinion, is that give somebody just one drink and their personality changes, not significantly, but it does change.

    The word of God does not specifically teach about not drinking at all, but does warn against drunkeness.
    If you are feeling a tinge of concern or guilt, then it just may be the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Drinking may not effect your salvation, but it may be effecting your growth and walk with God.

    Paul advised we need to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling. I would advise to walk in the Spirit, maybe the Holy Spirit wants to teach you something about yourself.

    God bless
  7. The Bible does not forbid the use of alcohol. In fact, the Old Testament even allowed the people to use part of their tithe to buy alcoholic drinks to have a party in God's presence. (Deuteronomy 14:26)Personally, I enjoy an occasional glass of wine over a meal with friends - that is very occasional, and at most one or two glasses at a time.

    However, the Bible most definitely does forbid the abuse of alcohol - and regularly getting drunk would have to fit anyone's definition of abuse. When someone is drunk, he throws away his God-given ability to choose his own actions.

    Very simply, if anything - alcohol, food, sex, money or anything else - has control over you, rather than you having control over it, you should either (1) if possible, avoid that thing altogether (definitely possible with alcohol); or (2) if it is not possible to avoid it completely (as with food), avoid the situations where you are likely to be out of control.

    It is also important to note that the Bible says that we should not do anything that would be a stumbling block to our brother or sister. So, if you are drinking with others who have a drinking problem, that is yet another reason to avoid it.


  8. Personally, I don't think alcohol is bad. However, God has called me NOT to drink. Because I'm going into the ministry and I need to set an example for people. And honestly, I'm fine with that.

    This does not mean I think I'm better than anyone who DOES drink. Because I'm NOT. I am so not.

    However, the Bible does mention that being drunk is not okay :)

    And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit. Eph 5:18

    Envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.Galatians 5:21
  9. thank you guys.. thanks for your explainations. Yes i should ask myself why do i get drunk and my answer is just because im addict to alcohol and it makes me feel good. I know Its a bad thing to do because im just showing to other people that im not a true Christian that im not doing things what God want me to do. But the problem is how can i stop it. All of my friends are drunkard thats why im now drunkard too. Should i avoid them? because everytime we hang out we are always drunk when we go back home..
  10. Stop right there!!! We are all sinners. We all struggle with our weaknesses.

    God loves you!!!! despite your faults. Of this I am certain.

    Being Christian is not synonymous with being perfect.

    Read Romans 7: Paul struggled, too. He said he didn't do the good he wanted to do, but the evil he didn't want to do. He didn't know why he kept giving into temptation BUT HE agreed that the law of God is good therefore, it was not him who was guilty of sin but the flesh which is weak.

    You're understanding that what you are doing is not harmonious and pleasing to God and your regret and remorse, shows me you are a very good Christian.

    You're just struggling with something you cannot yet fully get control of.

    God will help you through this - DON"T GIVE UP!

    Sometimes, along our faith journey we realize that we have to give up some friends and make new ones. My best guess is that you will have to stop spending time with certain people because it will put you in a place of temptation. And they will stop calling you because you don't want to drink with them. It will be sad at first, but eventually, God will bring you new friends who will support you in your efforts to be a better person and a better Christian.
  11. This is going to sound harsh, but it is said in love, so please try to accept it in that spirit.

    You need to do two things. Firstly, you need to make a choice. You know that once you start to drink, you have no control over how much you drink. Therefore, you have to choose whether you want to keep getting drunk, and accept all the consequences that come with that (health, social and potentially legal), or whether you want to turn your life around, and remain sober. If it is the latter, then you need to make a commitment to yourself - and, if possible, to someone else who will hold you accountable - to do just that.

    Secondly, you need to stop making excuses. You might get drunk when you are with your friends, but I seriously doubt that they hold you down and pour the alcohol down your throat - and unless they do, you are the one who is choosing to drink. You need to acknowledge that choice, and to take responsibility for your own life. If your choice is not to drink, then you need to make that clear to your friends. If they can't hang out with you without drink, then my guess is that they were not very good friends to start off with.

    You need to make some new friends, even if the old ones don't drop out of the picture. Do you go to church? If you don't, finding a good church where the Word is preached and Jesus is honoured would be a good place to start. Then you can make friends from church, who will not lead you back into your drinking lifestyle.

    The ball is in your court. If you choose to break free of the grog, I'm sure you will find many people who will be willing to stand by you and support and encourage you. If you choose to remain on the path you are on, there is not a person on earth who can change for you.


  12. oooooooooooooo That is well said Revlynn. :)that hits HOME Plate!
  13. you really touched me this part. Yes that was i am thinking to do by telling them that i dont wanna drink anymore and explain them why. They are good friends just because they are always there when im sad but the truth is that they are bad friends because, as you said, they hold me down and pour the alcohol down my throat..

    yes i go to church every Sunday and my dad is a pastor. Sometimes i listen to the preach and sometimes i dont because my mind is always in the air thinking another things instead of listening the the preacher. AS i said i sometimes listen but the problem is that im not applying to myself all things that i have listened, heard and studied to the church. i once heard to my dad's preach that drinking is not good to a christian life and drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God thats why im asking you if i am a drunkard because i drink alcohol but not too much but i have to admit that i am because i really am. My father has already told me not to drink anymore and also told me what are the consequence of being a drunkard but im hard-headed enough to not listening to him.:(

    thank you for your help as now im being clarified. I also asked to some of my aunties and uncles (they also go to church with me) how do i stop drinking and they said the exact thing you said.

    sorry for my english because its not my mother tongue.
  14. I'm praying for you, silverhunk, in your situation.
  15. I can understand your Dad telling you not to drink, but none of us can make effective life choices based on what someone else wants. As you have discovered, our sin nature often leads to us doing the exact opposite of what an authority figure tells us. You need to find your own reasons for not drinking, so that the decision is your own not someone else's. Here's a suggestion: Take a sheet of paper and rule a line down the middle. At the top of one side write "What I gain by drinking" and at the top of the other "What drinking costs me." Then list everything you can think of in the two columns. In the cost column, don't forget to include things such as financial cost, health, reputation, feelings of guilt, hangovers, lost control etc. You get the picture. When you are done I'm sure you will find you have ample reasons to make the choice not to drink.

    Praying for your victory.


  16. Silverhunk, you are not an alcoholic your are just immature. Sorry pal that is how it is. Tell me you get he joneses, you feel like you are going to die if you don't get a drink, do you get the shakes until you have a drink? The fact is the problem you are having is knowing when to say no. You go out with your buddies, you have a couple beers or shots, the inhibitions start to drop, you start getting a nice big set of beer muscles and you tear things up. That is what you are doing. Don't deny it, I have been there, done that. In my day, I would drink a quart of Jack Daniels and not only still stand but ride my Harley home. You believe that when you are getting smashed you are smarter, better looking to the ladies, more confident. Tell us, how many times have your buddies laughed at you for making a jerk out of yourself? And don't go there with that "getting drunk feels good". Tell me that when worshiping at the porcelain alter as your last three meals are coming up.

    You need some other avenue to burn off all that testosterone. Go join a gym and work out. Channel your restlessness on the weights. Once you start getting that work out high, you will wonder why you ever picked up a drink to begin with. Plus, there is a pretty good chance the young ladies you meet at the gym will be of better quality than the bar hags and sweat hogs you are hanging all over when smashed.

    RevLynn really nailed it for you much nicer than I am capable of. Get your head out of your exhaust port be a man and start making some reasoned choices. Everyone here pointed you in the right direction, now go and try to learn what is important in life. Put the bottle down. The way to salvation and truth for a young man, or young lady for that matter, is through Jesus Christ and taking care of the body God Almighty gave you with iron.
  17. I drink only on weekends. At first I thought it was to relax me. But alcohol is a mood drug. If u are in a good mood it will make u happy. If u are in a bad mood it will get worse. And this is were the danger lies with dutch courage. I drink about a 750ml bottle of scotch over a two day period. Let me ask u. Have u ever drunken yourself sick and after that said never again this was the last time. That is untill the next time. Then u have a problem. It is better not to drink at all then to drink. This is my opinion. But yes I still drink. Being bad is easy. Being good not so easy.
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  19. I don't think drinking is the problem. The problem is getting drunk and not being able to stop. Ephesians 5:18 warns us against drunkenness
  20. I wouldn't worry about it. People don't like to talk about Jesus' first miracle.... turning water into wine... for a bunch of drunk people at a wedding. It's like the black sheep miracle.

    and no, you are not a drunkard :)

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