Am I a Christian?

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  1. Am I a Christian?

    I was born to Protestant parents. My father died when I was quite young. My mother remarried to a Jewish man, who is a good man. But I never felt/beleived in those teachings.

    Now I am looking for Jesus, not sure how to bring him into me. But this is my feeling, my destiny? This is what is in my heart, though I know nothing of Him.

    By definition, am I a Christian? Or do I merely need to accept this?
  2. Well, it is kind of difficult as your questions are little vague. So, do you feel you are growing closer to God? How are you searching for him?
  3. If you are looking for Jesus , you certainly will find Him and He wants to find you . All you have to do at this point is to open your heart and ask Him to come into your life. Christianity is a relationship with a living Saviour who is Jesus Christ .

    If you have asked Christ to be the Lord of your life , then yes you can say that you are a Christian , wholeheartedly and not in name only because Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us and He calls us His own . He wants to be your freind and as you embrace the cross of Jesus Christ and read the Bible you will also find He wants to help you in your Christian walk .

    Being a Christian is also being receptive to the reading of His Word and listening to what Christ has to say in our lives so that we can pattern our lives after Christ. Being a Christian means by the power of the Holy Spirit we want to cahnge from our old ways and embrace the new in Christ .

    I would like to see you join this forum and enter into a group that is for New Christians where you can ask questions and learn more about Jesus and grow in the love of Jesus Christ.

    You see we can be born into a protestant family but that does not make us a Christian just the same as standing in a garage does not make us a car . It is by understanding that we were all born in sin and that we need a Saviour who is Jesus Christ and asking Him to forgive our sins and asking Him to help us turn our life around . He gives us the peace and understanding as wse ask Him .

    I am a sinner saved by grace . I cannot save myself but Jesus Christ did the work in and through me .

    Ephesians 2:8
    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

    2 Timothy 1:9
    who has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time

  4. Dusty - Thank you for that. I have been reading some scriptures and will get a bible so I may learn more of God and Jesus. Although I have no experience with Christianity, I feel Jesus filling the voids in my life. Strange, as this has been in the recesses of my mind and nature all my days.

    I always felt something was missing, and I truly believe I was missing Jesus. I hope to be born again, and accept Him into my life. I am nervous though, as this is a new road, will He accept me? For I have sinned, but wish to sin no more.

    I think I will join this site, and hopefully get some guidance. I don't want to live as a sinner any more.
  5. Jesus is already knocking on the door of your heart, wanting to come in. Meaning, he IS there, but you need to let him into your life. He longs to be so close to you and he longs to have a wonderful relationship with you.

    I am so happy that you are seeking him. If you seek Him, you SHALL find Him.
    Now, when we ask him to come into our lives (you must admit that you ARE a sinner, that you believe that Jesus died on that cross for ours sins!) And when you do, he will enter your life! HE LOVES YOU
  6. You are so welcome and please do join and then others can help you as well . Yes we all come to the crossroads where we realize that there is a void in our life and the void can be filled by Jesus Christ Because God created us to worship Him .

    No matter what sin you have committed , we were all born in sin and if you think you are a worse sinner than others .... please ... God does not put sin in a catagory . When we ask for forgiveness from our sins , He wipes our slate clean never to be remebered again . He will come into our lives and help us clean up all that we have messed up if we will put our trust in Him .

    I am a sinner but asked Jesus to come into my life and cleanse me from my sins . And it is not that I don't sin any more but now because Jesus is in my life , I no longer want to do thsoe things that I did before. You see we are a new creation in Christ Jesus , who died for our sins and rose again and is sitting on the right hand of Father God . You too can be a believer or a born again Christian . You ask how can you be born again .... not of the natural but the supernatural .

    John 3:3

    Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God
    1 Peter 1:23
    For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.

    We are all equal in the sight of God so you don't have to be afraid of acceptance . An example is when Jesus was on the cross one of the thieves that was crucified with him asked that he be remembered in heaven and Jesus answered and siad he would be with him ... and had forgiven him

  7. What you are feeing is He is drawing you to Himself.
    Its very simple to receive Him into your life. All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through repentance and receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord. Jesus said anyone who comes to Him He will not turn away.

    The Bible says

    Romans 10:9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation

    So where you are right now, you can just whisper a prayer to Him and say:

    Jesus I repent of sin and I believe you died and rose from the dead for me that I can be saved. I ask you to be the Lord of my Life.

    He is right there by you, just waiting for you to invitate him in :) He want to love you and bless and wants a relationship with you.
  8. I am unable to register, as I am not baptised, no church, what is testament?

    Does Jesus require this of me?
  9. I don't know why.
    But you can click on this link and post all you wantwhere it says Post New Thread at the top left.

    You don't have to register to post in the General Chat ( Open Forum). This page is located on the right column of the forum under the picture
  10. I will ask one of the moderators to answer you here but as far as I know you do not have to fill those areas in until you become more familiar with CFS. You don't have to put your church or baptism and a testamony is just a brief summary of what Jesus has done in your life bu does not have to be filled in now and you can just put to be added later . Hope that helps . God Bless .
  11. Thank you Dusty, I got my first bible yesterday and am reading the gospels. Amazing ! Not what I expected at all. When Jesus says " I tell you the truth"..... It is today, as it was then.

    I have lots of time for baptism and find a church, for now I will read the bible and learn all I can.

    God bless, John
  12. Since your name is John you will particularly like the Gospel of John
  13. Hi John ,

    Did you register yet ?
    I am so happy to see you are reading your Bible and are excited about it . The Word is alive and as you read it will become more real to you in your life. Now that you have accepted Christ into your heart , you have the Holy Spirit who will show you and teach you and verses will jump out at you which means that the Holy Spirit in you is showing you and helping you in your new life . As you pray and ask Christ to be the primary focus in your life He will and it is amazing how your life will turn around with His help . It does not even have to be a long prayer but one from your heart as Jesus wants to fellowship with you in a personal relationship .

    You have plenty of time to look for a church but that is important down the line as a Bible Believing Church will help you also to grow in your Christian Walk and also you will meet other Christians for fellowship , Bible Study groups , and socialization . But you also need to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the right church .

    The main thing is that you read your Bible and pray and the rest will come as you remain in Christ. Also at the side of this forum are some helps for you as well , now that you are a New Christian ... and the Bible tells us we are a new creation in Him .

    God Bless .

    2 Corinthians 5:17
    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
  14. John .... I would also recommend that you read in the threads " Are you ready for a New life " and especially .... . in the same area as Answers . on the rt hand side of the forum .

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