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  1. alpha omega

    in hebrew it,s Aleph mem thetA. there is much we need to learn.
  2. fascinating God i run them words through a anagram generator,i will give you a couple of answers.ah lamp thee met.ah palm thee met.nobody can compare.:)
  3. While that may be an interesting hobby it has no real signifigance as changing the order of the letters completely changes the meaning of the word in question.
  4. i think it has great significance.seeing how jesus came after this event with moses.
  5. At long last I am beginning to understand where some of your odd posts come from. You run words through an anagram generator then feel the results have spiritual significance.
    I must agree with Boanerges, random mixed letters can mean anything. Try changing languages and you will get even more odd words. I tried putting your username into the generator below is what I got. But that does not mean those are descriptive of you.

    Smellycat =

    Calmly Set
    Clam Style
    Calm Style
    Scaly Melt
    Clays Melt
    Clay Smelt
    Clay Melts
    Lacy Smelt
    Lacy Melts
    Scam Telly
    Cams Telly
    Macs Telly
    Act Smelly
    Cat Smelly
    Mayst Cell
    Lac Elm Sty
    Lac Lets My
    Lac Lest My
    Lac Met Sly
    Call Em Sty
    Call Me Sty
    Call Set My
    Lacs Let My
    Talc Em Sly
    Talc Me Sly
    Mac Ell Sty
    Mac Let Sly
    Cam Ell Sty
    Cam Let Sly
    Sac Tell My
    Cats Ell My
    Cast Ell My
    Scat Ell My
    Acts Ell My
    Act Ells My
    Act Sell My
    Act Elm Sly
    Cat Ells My
    Cat Sell My
    Cat Elm Sly
    La Cyst Elm
    All Sect My
    All Cyst Em
    All Cyst Me
    Tall Sec My
    Ma Cell Sty
    Ma Cyst Ell
    Am Cell Sty
    Am Cyst Ell
    Sat Cell My
    At Cells My
  6. lost us m8.
  7. Success. You mean I have managed to confuse the person who has previously confused everyone else on the forum.

    In your earlier post you said

    i run them words through a anagram generator,i will give you a couple of answers.ah lamp thee met.ah palm thee met.nobody can compare

    From this I gathered that you run words through an anagram generator and think there is some significance in the result. There is no significance. Just rearranged letters.To illustrate I ran Smellycat through an anagram generator. You can see the results above. I am sure that they are not any indication of who or what you are really like. For example I trust you are neither a Lacy Melts or a Scam Telly
  8. alpha omega in hebrew does matter,my humble name does not.:)
  9. try spirit of God.or mount sinai,or others.what is your problem,is satan boy making you feel on edge to ridicule i.
  10. :p

    LOL! Score one!
    Someone was finally able to cofuse the master of biblical confusion Smelly Cat:D Historic Day Here at CFS!:D:p;)

  11. Smelly my CAN write in English.
    Why don't you always write in plain English like this post?
    It would be such a great help.

    As to your point about Alpha & Omega mattering. Yes indeed but that does not mean we need to seek an anagram to understand them. Once you start basing your theology on an anagram it can lead to serious confusion. As you so rightly said your name may not matter but think of an anagram for God.
    An anagram is simply letters rearranged. It has no real significance it is just fun.
  12. in your opinion.
  13. israel is an anagram of is real.santa is an anagram of satan.maybe you need to open your eyes,just a thought brother.:)
  14. Yes naturally I am expressing my opinion but I expect the vast majority of people would agree that just because something is an anagram of another word does not make it meaningful
    As to your further comment my eyes are open but as you appear to want to degenerate this into personal rudeness I will withdraw from the discussion.
    Thank you very much.
  15. no problem ,i think you mastered this on your opening post.followed by my spelling etc etc.but if you like to look good that,s fine by me.
  16. I agree.
  17. I'm really confused - the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet is Alpha and Omega. The equivalent first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph and Tav.
  18. 3 cheers for Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. confusion! mayhem! ..

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