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  1. I can totally relate on this one. I've never really been drunk, was saved in October, and I'm ashamed to say I want to just once...just to see what it's like. I mean I go to college, that in itself is a huge temptation, and I have friends all around me saying, "come on. be a college student. drink. you're missing out on what it means to be a college kid"

    And part of me believes them and just wants to try it. Another part of me looks at what the Bible is telling me.

    I'm also telling myself that if I want my grandfather to stop drinking (I've been praying about that one a whole lot.) then I shouldn't START drinking.

    Agh, it's frustrating.

    I apologize. I didn't mean to turn this into a 'me' thing!!!
  2. Everything our flesh wants is certainly not beneficial just ask Eve.
  3. You're not missing out on a bit of being a college kid. There are plenty of other things in college that are way better than drinking. Trust me.
    You would not believe the number of times I wish I could have a mulligan. You are not missing out on a thing.
  4. Thanks.:) I appreciate that.
  5. I appreciate the pirates who do absolutely nothing!:D
  6. I hate drinking, I really do. I hate the person I become. I'm not mean, but I fall into the sin of Lust, I want to start fights...but just for fun with friends. I yell mean thing out at people. Normally you;d think I was a very polite considerate young man. I had not drank in months until new years.... and a remeber now why I hate it so much. mind you getting the flu and a hang over at the same time was not nice, my room mate wanted to take me to emerg.

    So personally I've decided alcohol is no longer a part of my life, although I still struggle from time to time with Marijuana.
  7. Dear Dave.... You just struck a cord in my heart to pray for you and all the other young people on this forum. It is so hard for you all, these days and I really empathize with you.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ draw you all closer to Him, may He give you peace as you search the scriptures, and may He satisfy every longing in your heart and give you a new walk with Him and new my prayer for you all.

    He is the only way the truth and the light and as you submit your whole self to Him, He will satisfy and give you the desires of your heart. He forgives and forgets so when you stumble, confess to Him and He will put you back on the right path. God Bless you Mark and Dave.

    I love you guys..... Dusty

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