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  1. Sounds like a decent plan. Most of my friends are regular drinkers, and alot are christian too. Doesnt mean im gonna do what my friends do. Ya i join in now and then, but that doesnt mean ill suddenly be a raging alcoholic. I will say though, that if you have addictive tendencies, then to be real careful.
  2. Mark_18, I'm not going to offer any additional advice. I just wanted to say I hope you have a joyous and memorable 18th birthday. My daughter will also be having that milestone birthday soon and neither she nor we have given it much thought, other than that she will be able to vote for the next president. This thread has got me to thinking that we should plan something special for her.

    I think I Cor. 10:31, in context, applies here. "Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
  3. Then follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and show them who Jesus is by bringing glory to Him. Why not invite them to church the day after your birthday.

    Hope you enjoy your birthday.

  4. Thank you guys so much. You are right I plan not to drink. Or at least not get drunk. I was thinking of it as a one time thing, but I know once it's over I have to make the same decision over and over all my life. So the only way is to just decide not to drink at all.

    You know, this forum, as an online Christian community is on my concience throughout the day, and it actually helps me through the day. God bless all of you!

  5. Okay, I may look a mess in a way, cuz I've been going back and forth all day. Thinking, okay, I'll drink at my party, but I wont get drunk drunk. But after fealing the "nagging" inside me still, I couldn't rest knowing I'm doing the right thing. One drop may lead to another, and THAT'S THAT. Even though I can't see me having as much fun sober.

    Then the song Everything by Lifehouse hit that part of the song that I've heard hundreds of times in the last few weeks.

    You're all I want

    You're all I need.

    You're everthing.

    "Including a fun time!!!" I told myself.

    My imagination doesn't see the fun, but I will go at it pure of heart and focus on feeding my spirit not my need for worldly fun. And He will make sure I DO have fun.

    So I am officially announcing:

    I QUIT!

    Not a drop of alchohol, not only for my B-Day but hopefully ever. No going back on my word, K? K!


  6. Dear Mark..I believe God is convicting you to do the right things and listen to Him You will never be sorry. Also you have to think if you did these things .... would it be a stumbling block to your un believing friends cause they might say... " He is the same as us, his Christianity is no different " So bottom line we have to think about if it is honouring to the Lord.
  7. The human mind is very deceptive, Trust in the Lord :)
  8. I might be allergic but I can't drink when I go out with my family or friends anymore as I have to drive to see them and it's wrong to drink and drive.
  9. If you don't want to get drunk then don't go to the bar, or out drinking. I can see the tempatioon in it, but I've learned from past experinces that if I do a little sin that I think wont effect me, that little sin does and turns into something big that I regret later on.
  10. I drink at times but I don't go to bars or get drunk.

    If you're so concerned about it, why not just drink a non-alcoholic brew like O'Douls? I believe it's brewed by Budweiser. Not bad tasting either.

    This way you can have a good brew with your mates, but you won't be taking in alcohol.
  11. Congrats... I turned 18 quite recently and drink every once in a while, (mostly Guinness, cider, wine..) but I'm very careful to not get drunk.
  12. what's the point of drinking?
  13. well there are loads of reasons, its fun, etc etc.

    no point being scared of it :confused:
  14. I know a few people who wish they had their liver back- it's a bad way to die. Drinking and driving kills thousands every year. Many are prone to alcoholism and do not know it till they start drinking. It's expensive, it makes people behave foolishly and causes alot of damage. Is it worth all that-no.

  15. How can you justify a little sin from a big sin.? .... Sorry but sin does not have any qualifications.... all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    Sin is sin period.
  16. Update:

    Why am I so weak?

    Unfortunatlely, I did drink on my birthday.

    A lot in fact. So much the whole night was a blur and I don't remember most of it.

    Other than that it went really well. We were supposed to go bowling, but my dad brought me to his house to get his bowling ball (he doesn't have one) and to my surprise all my friends were there. My friends from work bought Guitar Hero 3 for PC for me! I couldn't believe it. It must have been so fun, but I don't remember :( Why must I do that to myself?!

    I don't remember, but they say I fell in the garage and that's why my arm hurts and I had to take the week off.

    Please pray for me to have learned my lesson and not get drunk again. I regret it enough that I shouldn't do it again, but still.

    Thanks guys

  17. Hey, Mark

    Sounds like you are growing up surrounded by drinkers if your dad condoned the drinks. My grandma would pour us kids a little cute glass of her best wine when we spent the night at her house. She wanted us to feel grown up I guess, or she didn't want to drink alone.

    When I "grew up" I had a real thirst for wine. My husband hated the smell of it cause his dad was an alcoholic and was mean. But, the desire for it is still with me and I even used to put it in my bottle of pop to take with me to work.
    I didn't know I'd end up with this controlling my life.

    I still have that desire sometimes. But I've found that since I recently prayed a prayer of forgiveness and asked God to come into my life and heal my hurts, that I haven't poured a glass all day. I didn't think of it until just now. You may not have the desire to drink, I don't know. But, try staying as close to God instead of as close to the border of sin as you can, why don't cha'

    Set your eyes on the real peace Jesus can show you so your family and friends see a change in you and want the same peace you emit inside of you. Make a change and make a difference for a change. I'm glad someone on this forum got through to me and I trusted in Jesus. I'm on a new path now. Love in Christ, Sister Bonnie

  18. Tbh yeah, at least now when u are in them situations you will think about what happened before,

    if it didnt happen, u would be tempted :)
  19. Mark_18, I'm sorry your birthday ended up like that. I have been fortunate; I grew up in a non-drinking family, my friends didn't drink, and I have never had a drink of alcohol. As a consequence, it has never been a temptation for me. On the other hand, I have seen the hold it has had on others around me. I hope, and pray, that you will be able to control your consumption and avoid the pitfalls of immoderation or addiction. For me, it seems easier just not to indulge at all, but I don't impose that on others. I just don't want for you to have to struggle with the destructive potential of alcohol, that's all.
    May God strengthen you and grant you wisdom and insight in all areas of your life in the coming year, may His joy permeate your soul and shine forth in your life. Amen.

    I Cor. 6:12

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