Allie Wi Cant Get On The Forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mitspa, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. A few days ago I was kicked off the forum...without reason. Now the person who defended me, cannot get onto her account? I hope this is just a mistake? I know I am a bit controversial but Allie has been nothing but sweet to all the members and is without reproach in my view. Like I said...I hope this is just some sort of error, but Im afraid its just another attempt to attack me through her?
  2. I checked and found no reason why she shouldn't have access.

    Might her ISP be blocking us?
  3. there anything she can do?
  4. I have disagreed with her at times but she has never been rude, only shows love to each of us. Hope it is just a glitch. She uses tapatalk and I sometimes have issues with it.
  5. She is not uses tape talk
  6. I know she said she uses tapatalk to come on this forum.
  7. it's probably a glitch with cfs
  8. yea she said she deleted it...maybe that's part of her problem?
  9. I know she uses the app on her phone.. It does give troubles many times.. She should try from her laptop, try resetting her password, etc.. Hope that helps..
  10. I will tell her...I know she has tried to reset her password..but she said she cant even get the forum to allow her that much access if Im am understanding her correctly....its behaving as if she has been Song has said that's not the we will just have to see what her computer will allow her to do...I guess?
  11. Yes.. She should definitely try from her computer..
  12. May be mods can check the status of her account? Locked out or something?
  13. She's not locked out on this end.
  14. Well I figured it out FINALLY!! Thanks for all the love guys!
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  15. Drama Queen! :p
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  16. I just saw this, but I am happy you are back!:)
  17. Whoa...we were ready to send out a search party! :D
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  18. So...who did wrong that Allie could not get into the forum: her, I don't think it wad the moderators. She did something wrong!

    (Allie, blame it on the computer. It always works for me!)
  19. Glad you figured it out, Allie!
  20. I locked her out to test how popular she is. It looks like Mitspah had more comments on his thread. She is now unlocked guys. Continue.

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