All The Believer Has Belongs To God

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  1. Never before, in the history of the modern church, has there been a greater need for a clear distinction voice raised concerning money, finances, and assets.
    All the way through the New Testament in the Christ-life teachings, there is a firm word given concerning a believers assets.
    However, in this day the teachings of the kingdom message have commingled with the New Testament teachings until both have been nullified and law alone stands.
    The New Testament teaching is that all the believer has belongs to God. The believer is manifesting Christ because of a birthing.
    As the mind of Christ takes over the human, he will soon see that all of his assets and riches belong to God, and the possession of them or lack of possession of them has nothing to do with his being God's child.
    On the other hand, religion, in order to perpetuate itself, has used money and riches as a means of spiritual acquisition.
    Many are told today, if you give, you will be blessed.
    This firmly ignores the teachings of the Christ-life and is once again pure law in action.
    It is not out giving that makes us anything. Our money and all that we possess already belong to God, and our stewardship and operation of it is done by the Christ in us.
    The work of the Lord is carried on by Him Who is the operator in us, working through us.
    Believers should give to God, and they should give consistently, not because they must do anything to be who they are, but because Christ in them is consistent, continuous, and ever faithful.
  2. Hello brother Noblemen
    For me to truly understand what message you are wanting to drive home here I need a much more clear understanding to what you mean in this early quote.

    1 kingdom message
    2 new testament teachings
    3 both been nullified and law alone stands

    Please sir would you thoroughly answer each of these for me.
    Thank You Sir,
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  3. Excellent brother!

    So many believers have bought into the religious teaching today of getting something from God because we give something to God.

    Nothing could be further from what the Bible teaches.

    Giving is a "by product" of being saved IMHO just as is good works are. We give and do good deeds because we are born again and not to be born again or get something.
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  4. Blessings Brother,
    I give love expecting love back. That's in line with Faith and Trust.
    I grow in Christ and by Faith take God at His word and learn to do things His way and Expect His Word or Promises to come to pass in my life. This again is in line with Faith and Trust.

    Even in my walk in Christ I don't receive by chance or lottery but by choice and expectance. I expect God to be true to His word and when things get off then I find out where I am missing it and make the correction and His promises begin to flow again.
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  5. Jim, are you explaining "cause and effect". Because I love God, I expect that He will love me and bless me with something.

    I would say that when we give our love without expecting anything in return we receive the blessings of the Lord and that is far better than being invited to someone else’s party in return for their invitation. Or giving a gift because of an expectation that you would receive something in return.

    We may not immediately see the blessing of God but you can be certain that it will be received. It may be in the form of the way people think and speak of you in the here and now. Or it may be that you will hear those most wonderful words from the Lord on the Day of Judgement, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Or it may be something else.
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  6. Hi Major,
    Let me say it this way with an example

    A couple of guys stopped by the shop one day and wanted me to catfishing with them. So I began to get her up and set up some of my cat poles. They began to tell me that I did not need my big cat equipment because there were No big cats in there.

    So after going back and forth with them I asked the Million dollar question.
    Do you say there are No Big Cats in this part of the lake because you have not caught any or because you did an under water study and learned no big cat will ever come to that part of the lake.
    They answered because we have Not Seen or Experienced any big cats.

    So I finished setting up and we left.
    Now I ended up catching the biggest cat fish either of them had ever seen. Holding it by the huge mouth with both hands about chest high, the tail (about 2/3) was bent laying across the ground.

    So if I listen to what others have Seen or Experienced then I would not catch fish.
    I don't bade my catching on what others have seen or heard and I always catch fish.

    Now sir it is the same with my walk in Christ. I do Not believe or expect from what others Have Not Seen Or Experienced.

    Many say God does not heal today......If I excepted this then I would have gone home a long time ago.

    No Sir I do not take God's word from what others have or have not experienced.
    I expect His word to be true. I do not go to Him with a maybe it might work attitude.
    NO sir I take Him at His Word Expecting it to do what it says.

    God says He first loved us.....I take Him at His word and expect that He will honor what He has said. I do not ever need to question if God loves me.

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  7. They should trust God, that's what they want us to do.
  8. Who is they?
    What is the point in this or meaning?
    We trust God if we are smart enough to trust God
  9. I would say to you that God does heal and in fact I expect Him to heal. IF God does not have the ability to heal, then He must not be much of a God...IMO!
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