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All The Base Ball Fans

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Dusty, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. All The Base Ball Fans

    Hey you all .... Let's have a little competition here among all the Baseball fans . Tell us who you are cheering for .

    Yay .... The Boys of Summer are back .

    Of course I am a Toronto Blue Jays Fan .... Woooo- Hooo .... We won to night against the Baltimore Orioles .... 3- 0 .
  2. Orioles fan


    Congrats, on last night's win Dusty, I guess :smiley10:
  3. I like baseball, but I don't follow it that closely.

    They play sooooooooooooooo many games.

    It's hard to keep up, so I usually just watch the World Series.

  4. Hmmmm..... Thanks but the season is just starting and we have a long ways to go . It seems like the Jays always start out big and end up next to last. Nice guys don't always win .... He he .

    Hey where are those Braves fans as I know there are some Georgia people here ?

    Oh and what about the Yankees ? He he . Any body a fan of theirs . ?
  5. Hey Psalm 91 .... Do I rub salt in the wound .? .... Nah !!!

    Sorry you guys had to loose another one to the Jays today . Oh well the season is just beginning and I am sure there will be wins .
  6. Here I am Dusty.[​IMG]
  7. Woo - hoo ... Good Job . I like it that's cute . My favourite Player .

    Vernon Wells .

  8. At least the Mets haven't been mathematically eliminated yet.
  9. Well here in Braves country, you're not a true fan unless you love Chipper Jones, heheheeeeee:)
  10. Larry's a pretty good player.
  11. Hmmm ..... OUr opener was so hyped up by the media that we lost in 11th enning overtime . 8-7 . Oh well the White Socks put up a good game .
  13. Wel well .... Sorry to say but the Blue Jays are the best .... He he .
  14. I tell you what Miss Dusty...you remember what your Jays did to my Braves back in 1992?? well it might just be pay back time, heheheeee...I would love seeing those 2 teams back in the WS.


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