All Over Fries!!!

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Whirlwind, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. It would seem he is not the brightest bulb on his family tree.:eek::p
  2. Several fries short of a Happy Meal? Bwah-haaw-haw-haaa!:D
  3. Wonder if that was a family tree with branches???:eek::eek:
  4. Hey, the fries aren't THAT good! :D
  5. Especially if they never rot when you encase them in a glass container...bleech!;)

    You ever see that one?
  6. Poor guy. If he gets that upset over fries, think about what a difficult life he must live.:(
  7. Hamburgler must've stole his heart...:confused:

    Eeeewww...wonder what Hamburgler did with it???:eek:
  8. Yes I do not want to meet him when he is having a really bad day.
  9. I actually feel bad for this man not getting his fries. I can sympathize...... although I would never drive my car through a McDonalds over it. :p I am one of those people that no matter hwere I go eat or what I order-- something is ALWAYS wrong or missing. It has happened my entire life. It makes no difference what I order, how I order it, or where I am. It can be extremely frustrating to be the individual whose food is ALWAYS wrong while everyone else gets to enjoy the things that they ordered. So, I can certainly sympathize with the poor man. ;)
  10. Or the floor of the car, Whirlwind!!! :D
  11. "Hey, lady! I didn't get my fries! I need them to keep my traction on the brakes!"

  12. Book - yeah, I know. The nearest McD's is 15 miles away. So one time I ordered and got half-way home before I realized my McNuggets weren't even in the McBag.

    So I turned my McCar around and McSped all the way back to McTown. I McYelled at the gal who gave me my McOrder and told her: "What the McHeck do you think you're McDoing!?"

    Anyway, she gave me my fries and I drove home. I called back later to apologize, because I felt bad.:eek: But for a while there, it seemed like they were forgetting to put things into my bag all the time, and then sticking that "Double-check for McAccuracy" sticker on the bag to seal it.

    I felt like telling them: Okay, which one of you clowns put this sticker on my bag!?":D
  13. WHIRLWIND!!!!!!

  14. Of course, that was back when I still ate at McD's.

    I don't anymore. I researched it, then made the mistake of watching Supersize Me; and then on top of that I made the mistake of renting Fast Food Nation (really grossed me out to the point where I couldn't even treat myself's to McD's once in a great while anymore).

    That anger the man was feeling? Could very well have been brought on by the guy's food choices alone.:eek:
  15. I never eat out any more either. Having re-developed this dairy (and soy) allergy, I avoid almost all food that isn't prepared from scratch by myself.
  16. Book? Something tells me you're just not missing much.:)

    I'm glad to hear that you have your own food concerns in your own hands and can make decisions about your health.

    I need to be more like that...I'm beginning to get more and more into prepared foods, when I should be preparing it myself, heh.:eek:

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