All Nations Will Stream

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  1. Sunday, February 09, 2014, 8:39 a.m. – When I woke this morning, the Lord Jesus put the song “His Tender Mercies” in my mind. Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Isaiah 2 (NIV).

    The Mountain

    As I read these beginning verses concerning the mountain of the Lord’s temple being established as chief among the mountains, I was reminded of what the Lord Jesus taught me concerning this passage of scripture just a little over a year now: I could not help but notice then the grammatical transition in the sentence, “He will teach us his ways.” The pronoun “he” appears to refer back to the subjects “mountain” and “house of the God of Jacob.” So, the sentence basically reads that the mountain of the Lord, the house of the God of Jacob will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.”

    So, both the mountain of the temple (Jesus) and the house (temple) of God are Jesus Christ/God, as well as they signify what he did for us in dying on the cross for our sins, they represent the cross of Christ, and they symbolize the gospel of Christ. So, all nations will stream to our Lord Jesus Christ, to the cross of Christ, and to the true gospel of Jesus Christ, i.e. they will come to faith in Jesus Christ. When we come to faith in Jesus Christ, by God’s grace, through faith, we believe in the gospel, we come to the cross in dying to our old ways of living in sin, and we turn to faith in Jesus Christ to obey him with our lives (see Eph. 4:17-24; Luke 9:23-25). All this is the working of the Holy Spirit of God within us.

    Come, Let Us Go

    Many peoples will say “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord…”

    When Jesus Christ was ready to leave this earth he told his disciples that when the Holy Spirit came upon them that they would be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. He also commissioned his disciples to go and to make disciples (of Christ) of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that Christ has commanded us. So, we, the followers of Christ, are the “many people” who are (or should be) saying, “Come, let us go…” so all nations may believe. We are the ones through whom the word of the Lord will go out.

    When we have come to the “mountain of the Lord,” by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives, then the Lord Jesus Christ can teach us his ways, so that we can walk in his paths. His ways begin with the true gospel. Jesus said that if anyone would come after him, he must deny (disallow) himself, take up his cross daily (die daily to self and sin) and follow (obey) him. We read in Ephesians 4 that the way in which we come to know Christ Jesus is by putting off (dying to; forsaking) our old ways of living in sin, by being transformed in heart and mind via the working and power of the Holy Spirit of God within us, and by putting on the new person Christ has made us, “created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” All this is the working of the Spirit of God in our lives.

    If we don’t begin with this foundation, nonetheless, then how can our Lord teach us his ways? How can we walk in his truth if we have not forsaken our lives of sin, and if we have not made the conscious choice to follow our Lord Jesus in obedience and in surrender of our lives to his will for our lives? We have to first of all humble ourselves before God, repent of our sins, and allow him to change us into new creatures in Christ Jesus. As well, we have to daily die to sin, and daily choose to walk in obedience to Christ, in the power and working of the Spirit of God within us, if we are to hear him speak, if we are to be teachable to learn his ways, and if we are to walk in his truth.

    “Come… let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

    Complacent and Distracted

    God’s people today are no longer the Jews, but are all people from all nations who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and as Savior of their lives (including believing Jews). Yet, just like the Jews of old, sometimes God’s people forget about him, they become complacent, busy, distracted or they even revert back to their old ways and sinful habits. And they, just like the Jews of old, become idolatrous and adulterous people who have forgotten the ways of God, and who have become followers of men and of the things of this world, instead. I believe that is where the church (overall) in America is today, and I believe these Biblical words of counsel, correction, rebuke and warning are intended for us today, too.

    Many are guilty of following superstitions and traditions of men. They are guilty of joining in with the world of sin and even becoming like the world in order to entice the world into their “worship” services. They are guilty of combining “worship” of God with the worship of men and earthly objects of affection. They are guilty of putting their hope and trust in men, money, possessions, prestige, honor, rewards of this life, careers, houses, government, politicians, and military, etc. They are guilty of worshiping the things they have made with their hands by giving to them their hearts’ devotion, praise and honor. And, they are guilty of being prideful and arrogant, especially when they think they should never have to suffer severe persecution for their faith, as believers from other nations have had to suffer.

    God’s Remedy

    God’s remedy for the spiritual condition of his church today in America, and perhaps in other nations, as well, is first and foremost and always the cross of Christ. God desires that each one of us willingly come to the cross of Christ, that we humble ourselves, that we repent of our sins, and that we choose to walk humbly in obedience to Christ and in surrender to his will for our lives. Yet, God has a day in store for all the proud and lofty and for all that is exalted of men to be humbled. Revelation 2-3 contains 7 letters to 7 churches, most of which have things for and things against the church. Jesus Christ warns his churches that if they do not repent, judgment will ensue. If we do not willingly come to the cross of Christ in revival in the church in our nation, I believe we will experience the judgment (divine discipline) of God upon us, which will then bring us to our knees.

    When God/Jesus visits us in judgment in these final days upon the earth, revival will take place, I believe, for it says here in Isaiah 2 that men will throw away their idols which they made to worship, though certainly they could be tossing them merely because they are running for their lives, as it also says they will flee into caverns in the rocks to try to hide from the dread of the Lord. Yet, this passage also speaks of the nations streaming to the mountain of the Lord’s temple, and of a time when war will be no more when Jesus Christ comes to rule and to reign on the earth, so I believe these judgments of God will bring revival to the church. Then the church will go forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and will bring many people to Jesus Christ. The Lord alone will be exalted in that day.

    So, if you are just coasting along in life thinking that you have plenty of time to accept Christ, or that it doesn’t matter to God what you do now that you are “saved,” so you are just living your life to please yourself, counting on heaven to be there for you when you need it most, then I pray that you will prayerfully consider what has been shared here, and that you will make that decision today to come to the mountain of the Lord’s temple, i.e. to come to faith in Jesus Christ via repentance and obedience, by God’s grace; that you will make Jesus Christ the Lord (master) of your life, and that you will put your hope and trust in Jesus Christ and not in men, believing the truth of his word instead of the lies of men. Come to the cross today while you still have today. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

    His Tender Mercies / An Original Work / January 26, 2014

    Fear not! I’m with you.
    Be not dismayed!
    God watches o’er you.
    Trust Him today.
    He’ll lead and guide you;
    Give you His aid.
    He’ll love and keep you
    With Him always.

    Walk in His footsteps.
    He’ll lead the way.
    Trust in His love;
    Believe that He cares.
    He will not leave you.
    Faithful He’ll be.
    His tender mercies
    Now you will see.

    Fellowship with Him
    Throughout the day.
    Tell Him your heartaches.
    He’ll heal always.
    Rest in His comfort.
    He is your friend.
    Your faith He’ll strengthen,
    True to the end.

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