All For A Dollar

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  1. All For A Dollar

    All For A Dollar
    Money is often of a great importance to many. It makes up most of our lives as it is hard to find anything that we don't have to pay for unless we make it ourselves, and even then we have to buy those things to make what we want.
    But how important is money? For that matter, how important is image, worldly possessions, and fame? This story that I thought up presents a view to this situation many forget to consider:

    Once upon a time, there lived two kings. Both kings governed two great countries, with great cities and famous landmarks. Everyone wanted to visit these countries, yet there was a difference between both of these kingdoms, which were only separated by a great Sea.

    One king, was a very wealthy ruler. He was eloquent, intelligent, and entertaining. His country was full of beautiful castles, beautiful people, beautiful things - everything was beautiful. He lived in a a massive palace on a high hilltop, and nearly everything inside the grand home was gilded in gold and made from the finest, rarest woods. Everyone loved to visit the sparkling kingdom as they would never get bored!

    The other king, was also very wealthy. He was kind, loved nature, and was fair and everyone loved to look upon his kind and beautiful face. He was soft-spoken yet wise, and his palace was full of the wisest men in the land. They knew many languages, and were well-educated, including him. His country was a land of new discoveries, of wisdom, and of understanding, and people came from far and wide to hear the Godly wisdom that came from his mouth.

    One day, a bird came to the kingdoms, carrying a letter. In the letter, there was to be a competition. A golden dollar was to be given to the greatest king of all the lands.

    The king in the beautiful country knew he would win! For sure he would, since he had a massive army and knew plenty of people. He could imagine himself carrying home the golden dollar - and everyone would look at him and praise him!

    The other king, the wise one, knew that there were many golden dollars, but did it for the fun of it. He had a large army, but it was not so massive as the other king's, but his wisdom might come in handy.

    So, on the day of the competition, both kings set out for the sea. The king from the beautiful city floated over the horizon with thousands of gilded ships and galleons with red flags flapping in the gentle ocean breeze. The wise king came with his modest arm of a hundred or so ships and galleons, of good wood and size, some bigger and others smaller.

    Who would win? the onlookers asked as the ships came across the ocean. Both kings stepped onto the prows, bowed, then returned to their posts. The battle began!

    Both sides fought well, and the battle seemed to go on forever. But then something happened. A storm came up off the ocean, a great squall with terrifying winds and a torrent of rain. Wind whipped the droplets into the faces of the kings' and their crews, stinging their skin and getting into their eyes.

    Huge waves crashed against the boats. The gilded ships with their fancy woods and golden beams couldn't stand up to the great winds, and many collapsed into the sea.

    But the wise king's boats stood firm, with their good, heavy wood and wise crews. Even as the storm grew even more fierce, the boats stood their ground.

    When the storm cleared, the gilded boats were all gone, except for the king's ship. He was so shocked to see his beautiful boats that he had spent years and much money on to make gone, turned to shimmering bits of wood-and-gold, that he dropped to his knees and cried.

    A bird came and gave the wise king the golden dollar. Everyone cheered yet the wise king did not feel proud of himself. He did not pat himself on the back. Everyone quieted as the king steered his ship to the opposing king's ship and stepped onto the boat.

    What was happening? No one had ever seen anything like this!

    Yet the wise king took the other king's hand, and there he placed inside his palm the golden dollar. And this is what he said to the other king:

    "My friend, you have tried, and have shown great courage!
    If I were selfish, and cared only for my own gain, I would have kept the golden dollar for myself.
    But because I care for you, because my God said so, I am instead, going to give you the prize.
    For my Lord, Jesus Christ, gave me a great prize, too...and that is Life. He is my Friend, my Savior, and my King."

    The End.
  2. how beautiful!

    I think you said you thought this story up?! You are a very cleaver story writer and that would be a wonderful children's story book! I know my son would love it! thank you for sharing this messege and your wonderful story!
  3. Yes, it just came to me all of the sudden. Maybe I should collect it with my other ones...:D

  4. it truley is a great story! you should really consider christain writing! we do not have near enough and it is great to see such potential in ur story! It brings wonderful praise to our LORD!
  5. Thank you! I am trying to write a is just I have so many ideas I cannot put them together. They all seem to want to take a life of their own. :p

  6. Well done well done my friend. It is beautiful.:):):)
  7. Thank you, Denadii. But I give more thanks to the LORD, since He is the one who gave me the gift of writing...and He is the one who inspired me...:)

  8. Wow! You wrote that, huh... It actually brought tears to my eyes there at the end. Well done!
  9. Adoptivemommy...I didn't mean to make you cry! :D
    And yes, I did write it. :) It might be hard to believe but I did....:D

  10. Actually, not hard to believe at all:)! What else you got? I'd like to read more...:)
  11. I would love for her to put some on WWC .... Please .... pretty please with sugar on top .:D
  12. Dusty, I have been trying. :) I have been away for some time, going out and all, so when I get back home I pretty tired. :( But hey, I'm having fun shopping and all...I have been praying for me and my mother and God has been working in our life. I feel like I can finally say we have a future now.

  13. Praise God .... NTG ..... That is more important , I agree . You see .... all things do work together when we pray and ask our Lord and Saviour . I am so happy for you my dear. Bless you Sweetie .


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