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  1. All About Me

    Like Violet, I just found this section so here goes...

    • I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 11 years. (We've been together 17.5 years - shazam!)
    • We have two kiddos - Emily, age 12 and Hunter, age 8. We added a chocolate lab to our family last summer. His name is Cooper and he is a constant source of joy and laughter. It's just like having another baby in the house sometimes. (Although lately he seems to have moved into his teen years!)
    • As a family, we spend time camping, hiking, fishing, playing outside, swimming, watching movies, and whatever else might strike our fancy.
    • Personally, I love to read, watch movies, knit, mess around online, spend time with my friends and family, and so on and so on.
    • I collect thimbles and clowns.
    • I've lived in Northeast Iowa pretty much my entire life.
    • I work full time in a toy store and am a volunteer EMT on my town's crew. Both keep me VERY busy!
    I think that's the key points anyway!
  2. Sounds nice, Shan! We also like camping. But must put more effort in. And i think we are discouraged, because our favourite camping place is so far away since we've moved to Cape Town. :sad:

    Do you camp in a tent or a caravan?
  3. We have both a tent and a popup camper. I like both equally. :D

    We don't go as often as I would like either...summer is just TOO busy. :(
  4. We camp in our backyard! :D
    Well, me and the kids have~
    I love the campfire; so peaceful!
    We used to go camping ALL the time, by a river...
  5. Wow, I have never actualy met anyone who has dated,

    and married a High-School-Building before????????

    Just Kidding:D

    But it is like all these pesky "Garage Sales" I allways see


    And I have yet to find one single "Garage" which was

    actualy for sale, when I go and check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I do have one serrious question: Have You ever

    actualy collected any "Clowns" made out of "Thimbles"?????
  6. Oh you are funny, Mike~:)

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