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Aliens make contact

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Boanerges(Inactive), May 17, 2008.

  1. Aliens make contact

    All those UFO stories must have been true!!!

  2. Who authorised you to post a picture of our last Mods get together?
  3. HaHa!!!!:D
    I knew it!

  4. I'm guessing Boan's the one with his shirt off.... Rebel...:D
  5. Yeah that is me- I gave it to a homeless alien.:p
  6. Ha Ha- last time I looked you were a mod too-:p
  7. I never noticed that he was the only nude one in the bunch. :D
  8. Too funny!

    I was going to crack a joke about the one with no cloths on. But, I see someone beat me to the punch! :D
  9. Someone said they arrived on a weather balloon:
  10. Oh my gawsh, LOL! They're all "weather balloons". How silly I have been and everyone else. I guess all that aircraft is a weather balloon. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.


  11. Ha ha .... Good one. Touche!!!! as they say in french.
  12. This is a picture of a Russina blimp. Does it look familiar?:p

  13. Except for the actual weather ballon, it says "swamp Gas". LOL

  14. You really have to watch out for that swamp gas!:D
  15. looooooooooool cute & funny picture

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