ALERT: Washington State, March 03, 2008

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Pastor Gary, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. ALERT: Washington State, March 03, 2008

    Members of the "Earth Liberation Front", or ELF, have once again struck the United States with their home grown activist, environmental extremism terrorism. They left their 'calling card' at the scene of numerous house fires in Washington State today. Their message of anti pollution and anti encroachment upon forest areas has been increasing in recent years. This environmentalist fringe wacko group has claimed responsibility over the years for such things as auto dealership car burnings, bombing of research laboratories, the killing of scientists and dozens of residential fires in semi-wilderness areas.

    This group is the absolute worst kind of covert terrorist group and if anyone has information which will lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of these persons, you are urged to contact the Washington State Patrol Criminal Investigation Division at (360) 704-2950 or your local office of The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  2. Scary.:(

    Kill people. Save trees.:(

    Pray for them all.:groupray:
  3. They're truely a sad themselves environmetalists but their actions show who they really are...nothing but common vandals & thugs.

    Who in their right mind seta a home or SUV on fir to protect the environment? Just setting the fire sends pollutants into the air, water & soil...then there is the costly rebuilding that WILL bring down more of the "sacred trees", and cause more mining...something they are also against...and cost more for the environment...completely loony.
  4. Funny thing, I live in WA state but never hear about this stuff. What is wrong with those people?

  5. You are being too kind when you refer to them as 'people'. These are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such when found... off to Gitmo.
  6. Wicca

    It's sad to say, but my friend in Oregon, who is Wicca, is very much into the environment and it is part of their beliefs. Worship the earth, that the serpent crawls on.
  7. ^^^
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