Ain't no grave by Russ Taff

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by AmericanAngel, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. ain,t no grave gonna hold this party down,sounds like satan music.i aint down but up.

  2. ...gonna hold this "body" down.
    It's a good song about going to see Jesus in heaven.

  3. They're too old?

    Maybe there ain't no Apostolic people in the congregation, Angel. I love your smilies.
  4. Russ is an extrememly talented man. He was the artist on the first CD I ever bought.:)
  5. Wow, Bo, you're old! I'd never heard of the guy myself. Must be too young! :p
  6. My body feels old today but my spirit soars!:)
  7. Here is one on my favorites:
  8. Hehehehe....makes me want to "muss-up" that mullet hairdo!!!:p

    Love that song too!
  9. not a russ taff fan...


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