Advice to non christian parents about pregnancy termination

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  1. I know a non-christian couple who are going to have a child and want to help them make a difficult decision.

    The women is quite old, and there is high chance she may have a child with defects eg. Down's Syndrome.
    The doctor has asked the couple to think carefully about their options:
    1) Get tested for down's syndrome - but the test has 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage
    2) Terminate the pregancy if tested postive.

    The couple are in a dilemma trying to work out what to do.
    Do they even want to find out if the baby has a genetic defect?
    Or do they just go with whatever life gives them?
    If they do go for the test, do they terminate the pregnancy or go through with it?

    The chances of the women getting pregnant again would be very low.
    What advice would you give to them (in a non Christain way)?
  2. I have a friend who works with the mentally disabled in a group home. He loves his job because these men bring him so much joy.

    People who abort usually suffer regrets, guilt and often depression. She if not him, will always wonder if she killed a healthy baby, without the test. If the test causes a miscarriage she will always wonder if the baby was healthy, too - even if the doctor says it wasn't, because she will suspect the doctor lied to spare her feelings.

    If the tests come back and she has to make a decision, she will still suffer when she sees women who have disabled children at the park, the zoo, in the grocery store.

    I was recently standing in line with a mom who was holding a toddler who apparently had a disability. They made me smile.

    I don't know how old this woman is, but an aweful lot of women are having children later in life and the babes are healthy.

    Don't know if this was any help, but those are some of the thoughts that come to mind.
  3. Let nature (God) take its course. How many times have parents been told their babies would be 'this or that" or would have "this or that" and then born perfectly healthy? Even if the baby is born with a disability, so what, love it just the same (probably more).
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  4. Absolutely right fW.... we were told our middle daughter may have downs syndrome and she is perfectly healthy and a wonderful little girl.
  5. Since they are not necessarily motivated by God I would ask her how she feels about never having a child? Assess how much she wants this baby. I have a friend who is in her early 30's her husband is the same and they just had a beautiful baby with Down's Syndrome. It was a big surprise and as their 5th daughter she is fully loved and fully wanted!

    I also have a friend in her forties who just had a healthy baby boy, lots of people skip the tests and have healthy babies!

    If the odds are this is it then I would say trust that it will work out!

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