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  1. for a while now I've been thinking about doing a Gospel letterbox tract/leaflet thing,
    probably 5000+, depending on costs,
    but i'm open to suggestions about the best message,
    like its purpose is to reach the unsaved obviously number one,
    but secondly to convict backsliders to get back to church,

    So there needs to be a gripping headline page that leads to inspection.
    then I suppose a couple of fold out bits with message?

    any sites you know of to.
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  2. I confess that I'm not one for handing out tracts/pamphlets. I think they mostly go in the trash. (I don't even look at the myriad of things that people hand to me - they get tossed.) My personal way of evangelizing is to do community service. When people ask "why" I'm doing what I'm doing or where my Church is or what it's about, etc. - that's my opportunity to discuss my faith. Good luck.
  3. Never underestimate the power behind words even if they are on a tract or leaflet.

    Buck Knife company has been putting tracts in each knife box for years and I have heard many testimonials from people that got Saved because of those tracts.

    God Bless those who do something even if it is just that simple
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  4. My dad is a Gideon and he has told me similar stories of people becoming Christians after they reach for a Bible in the hotel nightstand. God works in wondrous ways.
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  5. Sounds like this is the reason for your belief that most tracts/pamphlets go in the trash.

    How we choose to deal with or handle things, shapes our thinking and assumption of what others must do.

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  6. Sorry bro, don't know any sites but I do think you're doing a great job reaching out to the lost :)

  7. Reading about tracts reminds me of the first time Father led me to reach someone with a tract. We were living in Germany at the time that I was born again and I wanted to reach the people there but I couldn't speak German so I ordered gospel tracts in German. I had some in the car when I was driving home from shopping one day and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to pass my turn which would have taken me home. I kept going straight not knowing where I was going. He directed me with each turn to a busy part of town and on my last turn I heard him tell me to "look for him". I drove a little ways and there "he" was; a man sitting in front of a shop begging. I stopped and grabbed not only a tract but all the deutsch marks($) I had and approached him. I dumped the money in his box and handed him a tract. He looked at the money, looked at the tract and looked me asking "Vas ist dos?" (What is this?"). I just smiled at him and turned and walked away. (I guess if I had more faith at that time I would have waited for a gift of tongues to speak to him but I was already just so overwhelmed that Father led me to him!). Anyway, I have to believe that I will one day meet that man in Heaven as I believe his heart was ready to be born again as Father led me specifically to him at that time. It is good to keep some handy as we never know who may be ready to receive.
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