Advice/Prayer needed

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  1. Advice/Prayer needed

    I am currently looking at possibly switching jobs. The problem I have with this is I worked for the same place since I was 17 and I am 32 now. I am struggling with whether or not this is the right move for my family. In my current job I have basically been told there is no room for advancement. People just kinda stick around. I am not really happy settling for that. I have also found that there are a lot more politics in my own department than I thought. I have really found out who my true friends at work are. I don't know if I am becoming overly sensitive in my old age or if I truly am ready for a change. I have heard that the grass is usually never greener on the other side of the fence but I never will know for sure if I don't go over there.
    I guess if you could pray that God will help me with this decision and any advice that some of you have would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi,
    Naturally I do not know what God wants you to do but after spending half of your entire life with the one company I suspect you have a good idea what you feel about them. If you are really not happy do you want to remain there feeling frustrated for another 30 years? My gut feeling is that you should paryerfully ask God to show you what other jobs are available for someone with your skills. Then try the doors.
  3. Having experieneced similar anxieties about switching jobs I can certainly identify with your trepidation...and your sutuaion is not mine, but I am definitely glad I moved on. It is the challenge of learning new skills that keeps me wanting to get up in the morning, and the extra pay doesn't hurt either.

    One thing to consider is whether you can gain a temporary leave of absence from your current position. It is generally best not to burn any bridges if you can avoid it, and having a way back decreases your own stress exponentially.

    If you have a secure new position to move to that offers better chance for advancement and at least equal compensation I would encourage you to tsep out...nothing ventured nothing gained. If the next job doesn't work out you can always use it as a stepping stone to something even better. These days if your resume is sparse people wonder what's wrong with your ambition, it was many years ago that companies looked for stbility first...that is a thing of the past now that technology provokes change so rapidly.

    Best wishes in your endeavors, and blessings to your family!
  4. That is the reason I have switched departments within our company in the past is to learn new skills. I guess the anxiety comes from the fact that ever since I have had my family I have had the security of this job. Now I am looking at other jobs but I don't know if I will have that security. On the other hand, I become more and more frustrated where I am at now and that is unhealthy for my family.
  5. Yes indeed, the frustration you experience WILL negatively impact your family. I guess the challenge for you is whether you can learn to cope with the frustration...or it is better for you to take the risk and aim higher.
    Don't sell yourself short...or forget that God has promised that He will provide for you.
  6. All I can tell you is if you put your trust in God, he will take care of you.
    You have a place in mind?
    Can you wait til you get hired and put in a notice to your current job?
  7. I have a couple of places I have applied to. Now I guess I need to sit back and let God handle the rest. If I am meant to move on that's where he will lead me. It is just kinda scary never having changed jobs before.
    I can stay where I am now till I find something. And as long as I leave nicely I can probably come back. Sometimes it gets harder and harder to turn the other cheek.
  8. AH yes...but turning the other cheek does not mean you have to be a door mat for God ;-)
  9. That's right, you can't be a doormat and it just may be time to move on.
    God may have something much better for you!

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