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Should I sit down and talk to him?

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  1. So...there was a guy who I had seen around my campus a lot but never really talked to him or was interested in him. One day at church though the sermon was about praying for my future husband and so during the service I was praying really hard for whoever my future husband is going to be...during that prayer I had a vision that involved me in a white dress, Jesus was holding my hand, and then on the other side was this guy who I had seen around campus in a black suit. There were brick walls around us and people trying to climb over the wall but Jesus wouldn't let them ( so I took that as Jesus was protecting this relationship) and then inside the walls with us were kids running around. I have shared this vision with only a few close friends that personally know the guy in my vision. After this vision God really put this guy on my heart and I pray for him everyday continuously throughout the day, lately this feeling on my heart has become even stronger and stronger. The weird thing about all of this is a couple months ago when I had this vision a couple days afterwards this guy started hanging out with my and my roommate a lot and I started to see him all around campus. Recently we've continued to all hang out dilemma is if I should share this with him or not? At first I had no feelings and was just praying for him and his family, but things started to get revealed to me as we started to hang out and talk and now I have started having feelings for him. I would just like some advice on what to do? God has not let up on feeling this call to pursue him and pray for him on my heart so Im not letting up, but I don't know what to do and would like to hear from some fellow believers on their insight.
  2. NO! don't tell him!...wait on the Lord.
  3. Do you think its possible for The Lord to call on me to go tell him?? Ive toyed with the idea of telling him not even for selfish desires but because I feel like that maybe right, but I can figure out if its truly The Lord calling me or not.
  4. That kinda stuff can really mess up a better make SURE its the Lord... or you could cause him to run away from you.
  5. Do you have any advice on how I should make sure I feel this is The Lord calling me to talk to him...
  6. Ill put it this way...if a woman told me that and God had not told me the same thing? I would be a little worried about her. So I say to be cautious..
  7. That is very true...what if a woman just said she had been praying for you for the past few months but didn't include the vision she had?
  8. I agree with Mitser (). Be friends with the guy and see where it goes.
  9. Yep...if in the middle of a guys happen upon the issue and you sense the Lord is directing might then share this with him? But don't try to tell him what you think it means...allow him to judge its meaning and allow that he might not see it the way you do?

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