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  1. Hello brothers and sisters,

    I am seeking some advice on something.
    It has to do with testing on what you if it from God or not. Now, I am aware that there are certain checks and balances in order to know if the prompting is from God or not but this situation is kind of particular. So, I think it is just best for me to tell you of the incident.

    I was praying about someone, asking God what I should say to her...what would be the right thing to say. Well, almost right away what came to me was to tell her I love to say, "I love you". I was kind of surprised by this, so I kind of protested and asked God again, and the thoughts that came into my head right away was, "Tell her! You love her". I had the impression that I wasn't supposed to phrase it in such as a way as "I love you as in "I love you with the love of Christ", but in a personal way....just straight forward. It's not a romantic love or anything like that...I feel like it is almost like God wants me to express that He loves her through my words.

    Now, the problem I am having with this is that I don't even know her and I don't want her to think I am some crazy stalker or something. Also, I don't know if this was from God or not, I haven't gotten a confirmation about it yet. Now, if I evaluate this situation it doesn't seem to be against scripture or against the nature of God or anything. I want to be obedient to God if he is leading me to say this, but I don't want to be inappropriate either if I am wrong. So, I am seeking advice with situations like this that seem to be a "gray area" so to speak.

    Thank you.
  2. It's a sad thing, with the world as it is today, that the word love is so abused. But we all need to hear it at times. I don't know your situation, but if married, say it to the woman with your wife at your side. I won't get into testing the spirits but John MacArthur gives a good sermon on this and can be found at youtube.
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  3. I don't have much experience in communicating with God like that, but I do have some. I heard God at least three times. Twice, when I heard Him, I knew, without a doubt, that it was God. I didn't have to check up with Scripture, or pray about it, or anything. I just knew. Don't worry, though, He just told me to get my mom's boots on one occasion and not to play this game on another, nothing potentially dangerous. But the point is, that I knew without a doubt that God was communicating with me. This might be your situation.
    The other time was through a dream. I had to test the dream, and it ended up being God telling me something. Thank God for these three situations! But the point is, that you would either have to test the command, or you already knew that it was God, without any methods. But I think that it was God speaking. I believe that she will get the message, especially if you present it in a civilized or godly manner.
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  4. Thanks Juk. Just kinda worried cause most people don't go around saying I love you to near strangers, Lol!
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  5. If I was not sure if it was God or not I would simply take the stand like this, I am not going to do anything with this until I hear from you and of course this means knowing it was God.
    Here is the deal Mykuhl how can any of us truly give you advice on this for it is YOUR relationship with God. Your ears and your life and responsibility with God. I say this not to sound mean but as to it is you who will have to figure this out.
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  6. Thank you Jim. You are right and I agree, I just wanted to see if people thought that this sounded odd based on their experience or if they encountered something like this before and knew it was God leading them.
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  7. There are timnes Mykuhl where God will ask you to do something out of the blue like this but it is always better to be sure before acting. Keep your heart willing to be willing and allow God to direct you.
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  8. Praying in the spirit, can help one to find direction. And keep thanking the Lord for leading and guiding you. He loves you! And has sent the Holy Spirit as your comforter, and connecting bridge between you and the Father....and is always there with you to lead you and guide you.

    Thank You Father for bringing Mykuhl clear direction in this matter. Thank You that he is Your sheep and He knows You voice, and will not listen to the voice of another. Thank you that the Holy Spirit is always within him and that You speak directly to him from the Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving him the confidence and the confirmation to know what Your true desire is. We give You all of the Glory....In Jesus Name, Amen!
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  9. Thank you Cturtle for your advice and prayer.
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  10. One way to present it is to say something like, "Hey, I'm not sure why, maybe you need to hear it, but I just felt the need to say I love you." Based on her reaction, you then can explain how you were led to say this to her, or yeah I know I don't know you that well but I'm a Christian and so on... or yeah I know that sounds weird coming from a near stranger...

    The real problem is if she says, "Oh thank you" and hugs you. Could get awkward but it is worth the try.

    Hearing from God often shows itself as something you wouldn't consider doing yourself, but having the overwhelming urge to do it, and it is a loving or kind thing to do.

    I have had many of these situations, some I acted upon, others I didn't. I never was ashamed after taking action. But I have often been ashamed of myself for not following through. If there is no harm from it, go for it, and have no regrets.
    Have courage and be blessed.
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  11. Another thing, were you fearful when the voice or present spoke to you? If you were, it most likely wasn't God.
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    as I read that quoted line... is the thing to say is "God loves you".... instead of "I love you"...
    saying "God loves you" even to a stranger is a nice thing to say, I think....
  13. This is not a grey area. God wants you to love them. Saying you love them and loving them are worlds apart.

    They will think you mad or bordering LGBT if you react to your instinct. God gave us brains for a reason.
  14. I like @Silk's idea. Be obedient but with your wife. Then when they look at you strange, tell'em the story. I told my wife "I love you" and she replied once "I love you son" and she said "HA! That came from the Lord!" :D
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  15. Yes, I agree it is quite different, and yes God gave us a brain for a reason...that is precisely why I didn't go off running to tell her.
  16. Well, I'm not married so that part isn't an issue. But I did think of the part about telling her the story if she looks at me strange. Just wanting to confirm if it is God or not since I don't want to freak her out or something.
  17. I wasn't fearful at all, just surprised by it. I was praying in my mind and these words and prompting came to my mind as well. None of it was done out loud, so I don't think the influence could have been demonic, since they can't read minds. The only other answer is that it was either God or my own mind, but why would my own mind tell me to do something that I protest to?
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  18. If shes a believer i.e a sister to you she will take it in the spirit it was given.
    I dont mind if my christian brothers tell me they love me!!

    You might not know her very well, but then I dont really know you either but consider you my brother. Cos you love Jesus and Jesus loves you. also, He actually commands that we love one another.
    So I will say I love you! There is no harm in saying it.
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  19. See, that's the weird part, I felt like I shouldn't say it in that way but in a direct personal way, but I also felt almost like it was God wanting to say "I love you" through me. That's why I am somewhat confused and don't know what it means.
  20. It's more necessary to actually demonstrate love to one's sister and brother in Christ than to say it. Saying it can lend to misconceptions and misunderstandings when it is said between male and female. One way to avoid misinterpretation is to single out what it is you love about the person, such as by saying, "There's a thing I love about you, and that's _________!"

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