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  1. I know dress is a vast and touchy subject but I am trying to understand something about the way some women dress. I am a married man but I have noticed a lot of believing women ,even older ones will still wear what I would call "tight jeans" ....I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm not saying a woman should only wear a dress at all times. I'm simply trying to understand why a married older woman would wear tight jeans or "skinny jeans" when they are way out of high school, have kids out if high school and have been married for many years? Are they looking for affirmation?
    Could it really be because they want to look "trendy" or they like the way they feel? Or is it a way to show off a nice figure. I mean, probably all women know that men are attracted a great deal by what we see. Don't they worry about causing a man or a brother in the church to stumble? Or is it the stumblers fault for stumbling? I have noticed a propensity in a certain woman to like attention from other men even though she might be this something that is wrong? Should I just not worry about it and realize that I too as a man like to be noticed and try to stay in good shape too feel attractive still...any thoughts on the subject?

    Thanks everyone..
  2. I know what you mean, and yes there is something to what you say. Pride in appearance is ok, but some women do carry it a bit far. I often think that some women don't understand that men, especially younger, have a powerful sex drive and their dress and appearance has a strong influence on male behavior. I do not excuse any mans wrong behavior, but God did make men and women a certain way.
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  3. it could be they outgrew their jeans and can't afford to buy new ones.

    Luk 11:34
    The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

    Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.
    (Pro 4:25)

    Saying the way a women dressed caused me to sin, is like saying the guy that accidentally dropped 20.00 without noticing caused me to wait and steal it.
  4. I totally agree!
  5. No, I did not say that a woman caused me to sin. Don't know if you are referring to me or some other post on this thread. But, we can most definitely cause someone to stumble! And it appears the person who caused the stumbling is in worse trouble than the person who stumbled...anyway, we are already off track.
    The whole purpose of my thread is to help me understand why a follower of Messiah, one who proclaims to be a true whole hearted follower,would wear tight form fitting pants? Is it to get attention? Affirmation? Or just to "be trendy" or not look "frumpy"?? Help me out here's obvious she wants people to notice her nice ,is that wrong? Would the mother of Jesus(or Yeshua) dress like that?? I don't think so..or is it just a by product of the culture we live in where it's totally acceptable (by who?.the world) to dress in what I call a provocative way?
  6. I was not addressing anyone but making a comment.

    causing to stumble is something I allow by faith in front of someone who does not have as much faith. There is no other context about it but that.

    So I go to the bar and have a couple beers taking a believer with me. They don't feel right about it, but I assure them it's OK, we are not under the law but all things are permissible and it's just a couple beers. So they go, and get home but now feel bad toward God as I over ridden their conscience. This is what Paul talked about things sacrificed to Idols.

    So a women running around naked would not cause me to stumble. Me not obeying the Word would cause myself to stumble.

    Those weak in faith can be made to stumble, that is what we were warned about things we allow.

    The whole world has many things presented to cause us to sin, that don't mean we take any of it.
    It's the sway of one believer to another violating their conscience.
  8. Ok, we are totally missing the trees for the forest...back to the point of the post!!

    Why would a believer and follower of Yeshua the Messiah wear tight pants??
    Is it about being trendy?.is it about being noticed?? Is it about showing off the figure?? Ladies please help here.
    Some don't see it as an issue. Personally I see tight pants as a product of the 60's and 70's free love revolution...before that women most always wore dresses..not saying pants are wrong for a woman to wear. Just saying not quite sure why a married 45 year old follower of messiah would wear what I think is provocative clothing..
  9. Anyone? Anyone?..ladies especially..your take on this would be great...thanks
  10. We make 'light' of God's Word. (Matthew 22:5) ameleĊ

    Because we don't REALLY want to believe what God's word says about sanctification / separation, holiness, modesty and being appropriate. Because we don't REALLY believe that part about being in the world and not of world; about not conforming to the world.

    We want to 'blend in' as a normal person as modern day Christians because #1 we are cowards and #2 it is easier #3 we lack faith #4 we are rebellious sinful creatures and we are just plain selfish....

    In my opinion.

    Pop-culture has taken place of Church and is being married into the Church which means God is not in the 'church'.

    God booted Adam and Eve for a reason.
    God cleansed the earth with a deluge for a reason.
    God purged the Hebrews in the wilderness for a reason.
    God sent and stopped sending prophets for a reason.
    Jesus Christ hung on the cross for a reason (purpose).

    Maybe we humans are just too thick headed to get it...
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  11. Hi brothers,

    From a female point of view, I just want to say that I agree with what brother Mike said.

    Also, as a woman, there is so much pressure from the media and the images we see around us to stay beautiful, sexy and youthful looking, which is prevalent everywhere, and sadly often condoned by women in Christian circles too. I'm not saying this to excuse or justify those Christian sisters who fall into the trap of dressing suggestively, but for us to help understand and not judge them too harshly. It's also really important for them to read questions and testimonies like this, that will hopefully help them to reflect on the impact their clothes can have on others.
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  12. Thank you Mike!..thank you Vengaturreino!...I sincerely appreciate the feedback...and I agree ....the Father demands holiness, because He is holy....many are called, but few chosen,....many are called but few will give it all...if we could learn to see more from a heavenly perspective instead of this earthly vision how much better we would get on. I am glad for a females perspective because as a man I totally don't understand the pressure society puts on women. Couple that with the natural need to feel accepted and a lot can happen. We are just masters at justification aren't we? I know I do it..."welllll...I'm really not doing this , or that"

    "It'll be OK this time" ..and so on...
    That's why it's so important to stay in the word. As a husband and father I'm afraid I've fallen short on being the family leader...

    Please remember me when you pray that I'll be more heavenly ,eternally focused instead of this temporary earthy focus!

    Thanks again!
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  13. Men and women should not be wearing expensive clothing, or anything that draws attention to themselves. This is something I've struggled with, but have gotten better at it. :)
  14. I think we should definitely take care of ourselves and this includes our appearance. We should look the best we can naturally, dress nicely, presentable without going over the top. I think as we grow a bit older it is an adjustment , especially if we put on a few pounds and jeans start looking and feeling a bit tight. It is unnecessary to show a lot of flesh. As i'm well (35) now and being a christian i'm more aware of how others dress and their age. One thing i don't like is short (mini) skirts on older women, i don't think it's classy at all. Nothing too short or too revealing can look nice, if wearing a style to fit and suit.

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