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  1. I like this girl. She is Christian and Very Quiet and Very Shy.

    She works in a different company and building than me.

    I called her a couple times, but nothing as far as a date really happened. We talked about her interests, etc.

    Is there a way I can go out with her? Her sister said she does not have a boyfriend and, like I've mentioned, she is very quiet and very shy.


    Thank you so much everyone.
  2. Keep talking to her, but as far as a relationship goes I wouldn't be trying to push it.
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  3. Keep talking if is to happen will happen with out stress...just dont forget you are the make the move! Hope the best for you brother!
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  4. Talk to her father and ask if it would be okay for you to pursue courting her.
  5. Do you have mutual friends? Maybe you could spend time with her as part of a larger group instead of trying to pursue a one-on-one date with her at this point. That's how my wife and I started out. We had several mutual friends and we did things as a group. It was actually several months before I asked her out, but by that time I'd already gotten to know her pretty well just from hanging out as part of a bigger group. I knew her character, personality, etc. It was much less stressful that way!

    I'm not a huge fan of dating someone to get to know them. A lot of times that ends in hurt feelings for one or both people if it doesn't work out, not to mention unnecessary temptation to sin. I prefer the approach of getting to know someone before pursuing anything more.
  6. Would you be comfortable simply asking her if she would like it if the two of you spent some time getting to know each other?

    " Hi Wendy(?) would you like it if we spent some time getting to know each other a little better? That way if she is not outright negative, but perhaps a little uneasy, you can arrange to spend some time together in a somewhat public place, a local park perhaps without making a big deal date out of it.
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  8. I kinda believe in the Genesis account of how two people come together. Granted, God isn't making me a wife out of my side, but I do believe he will bring her into my life when the time is ripe.
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  9. my opinion is...
    Male female relationships are a minefield.
    Make a list of what you want in a girl/woman/wife and say to God: here's my list get me this woman. [and keep reminding Him]
    do you want tall short, blond brunette, wavy hair, curly, straight; educated or don't care, outgoing or studious, thin or athletic or womanly.
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  11. Try the traditional way; send her texts, letters, etc. If she responds, that's the time to make the second move.
  12. Lol...
  13. Thank you friends. We do not have any mutual friends; I just know her from work.
  14. I disagree that male/female relationships are a minefield. I am single and have a number of male friends...some are single and some married. Many are Christian. I don't spend too much time alone with any of them, but that is not by design. I just don;t go out of my way to do so. I spend time with these guys while in groups with other single men, women and marrieds.

    If people have issues with being friends iwth other singles then these people have led pretty isolated lives and don't know how to act with these people...or they have been instructed by irresponsible people to fear singles of the opposite gender or they have been told to fear themselves and how they might act.

    Some churches have really mess up their young people teaching them irresponsible things about sex, relationships, how to behave and what to expect. Well meaning as these people are.....

    I don't flirt or give off any signals to the married men---duh.
  15. OP - YOu could ask her if she would like to spend her lunch hour with you. You could eat your bag lunches together in a common area.

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