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  1. Hi everyone. On the 18th March i am headed for Lesotho in Africa. As you might already know, i am from South Africa. This is my first Missions trip and i have 5 days left before i leave. The trip is 5 days long, and i am super excited and nervous and expectant! Any advice from you guys? Maybe a story i can share to lead into sharing Jesus!

    God Bless
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  2. Have fun and follow God's lead...
  3. Can't wait to hear back from you brother. :)
  4. I'm anticipating it as well!
  5. Hi guys. So i am back and it was incredible. God did a great work in me while up there. I have returned a new man. On fire for Jesus and with a new calling in my heart. We had over 200 people giv etheir lives to Christ in two of the rural villages. We handed out beanies and blankets, Bibles and Joyce Meyer booklets. We built a jungle Gym for the kids and i ministered to the men in prison. I know God has called me into Missionary work and into full time ministry. Just waiting for Him to show me the way to achieve this and for Him to open the doors, bring the connections i need etc.

    Thanks and God Bless!
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  6. Wow! Do you speak Sesotho or Bantu?
  7. No i do not. But we had a translator. Most of the people actually speak English reasonably well.
  8. Gotcha...Just wondering....So this was what? A pagan area??
  9. Awesome stuff brother. I wish I could be there with you. Have you taken photos? I am glad God has used you for this missions work and I am sure this is only the start. I heard from my friend who ministered in a prison in Kenya that the men and women there were really tough but also very receptive to the Gospel. Stories like these bring tears to my eyes. Are you willing to write down interesting experiences you have had there with photos and stuff? :)
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  10. Yeah i would be willing. Will put something together and post here on this thread!
  11. Here are some highlights and pics from my first Missions trip to Lesotho.

    The first morning we woke up in Mokhotlong, we went down to this area that is between a church and a school, and we built a jungle gym for the children. It took us all day and at one point, the kids came out for a break and started crowding around. I took on the task of luring them away from the construction site by taking photo's of them and then showing them the photo's of themselves. I tell you, these kids were blown away by the fact that this contraption could show them themselves. Lol. needless to say, i had over 50 children overwhelming me to try and all see the photo's at the same time. LOL. Here are some photo's of the jungle gym and some of the kids.

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  12. The next day was full, and we went to the local prison, where i was asked to share the gospel and my testimony along with 2 other guys from our team. No photo's allowed at the prison. But God's spirit was with me and moved. At the end , before we left, the guys were all coming to say thanks, and when i looked around, the rest of my crew were gone, and then i said goodbye and walked to the entrance of the prison, and found that the gates had been chained shut and i was still inside. bwhahaha. From there we went to the Lerato Center which is a clinic for HIV and Aids patients. We ministered to the people there and saw many find Christ, which was fantastic. From there we went out to two rural villages where we shared the gospel through a heart Chart and a Jesus Film translated in Sesotho. We handed out Sesothoi Bibles, also soccer balls, gumboots, blankets and beanies. In Both villages, in total over 200 people gave their lives to Christ. The Holy Spirit blew a wind through the villages while we prayed for healing, and many were healed. It was so powerful. Here are some pics. The old lady in the pink was 78 years old and suffered for years with a frozen shoulder which cause her pain and she was unable to move it. She was completely healed.

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  13. Can't wait to show this to my wife. We are excited for you.
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  14. Here are some more random photo's from my trip. The Sani Mountain Pass up which we 4x4'd was too incredible for a camera to capture, but i tried. I rode a mountain pony, roasted Marshmallows over an open fire with some Sesotho kids and they loved it and ate the whole bag. lol. All in all, it was an incredible trip and God moved in my heart and spirit and this trip has changed me as a person forever!

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  15. And some more Random Pics. Well, i hope you enjoy the pics. God bless you all and Lets all enjoy the weekend, as we remember Gods grace and the sacrifice Jesus made!

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  16. Very cool!
  17. Aww man im soo happy for you missions truly is awesome ^^ I know god is well pleased w/ you :)) doing his work and showing the love of God ... this encourages me alot knowing that I've got lots of bro's & sis' in Christ working hard and are good christian role models. I was wondering like.. how did you minister to the prisioners?
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  18. These are beautiful..thanks for the pics :))))
  19. Hi Pancakes. Thanks for encouraging words. Well, to be truly honset, i cannot remember what i said in the prison. I believe God used me and His Holy Spirit took over. I could never have preached in fron t of that many people. Its not in my strength to do something like that. But Gods strength is shown in our weakness to glorify His name!
  20. Thanks for sharing the pics Chilli.

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