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Should I stay at home and take this role, or leave it for my parents?

  1. You should stay and lead them.

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  2. You should leave/not take that roll.

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  1. I am in a situation where I have to take the role of the spiritual leader for my household.

    I live with my mother and step father along with my full blood sister and my four younger half sisters (I love them all dearly).

    I don't want to drag this story on, but to get to the point, I have been put into a situation where there is a conviction on my heart to be the spiritual leader for my entire household.

    My parents are not very active when it comes to God and Jesus.

    For a while now, I have been too, but I have finally got out of this horrendous slump that I have put myself in, Thank You YHVH!

    I have recieved the same conviction that has been urking at me for awhile now.

    And it's about leading my family to God, whilst being a daughter.

    To be honest, the thought of having to do this brings resentment towards my parents and their lack of involvement to my siblings. Sometimes I tell myself that I am not required to do this, and that it shouldn't be my role, and that if I leave it alone or move out in a few months when I'm 18, my mother will realize what needs to be done and will do it.

    But then another part of me realizes that even though it will be something I might think I'm not supposed to be doing in my position, if I miss out, my sisters could never believe truly in God and Jesus (Yeshua), and I chose not to help them. I don't want to be the piece missing, and if this is God (YHVH) talking to me, I do not want to ignore Him.

    What's your advice?

    My family is close, but we are very broken.

    Much love to everyone of you. May YHVH bless you! Shalom.
  2. Welcome :)

    If you have not done so as of yet please read CFS forum rules and getting started threads here
    And here

    About your situation: first, you're judging others, don't do that. Humans never do what they're supposed to do until they're willingly obedient to God. Even being forced to do something is only done in rebellion and where's the joy or love in that? It does no one any good and will make your own walk miserable. Think of it this way. You and your family are walking in a beautiful garden and everyone is on their cell phones and watching the ground as they walk instead of drinking in the scenery, yet you are saying "don't do that" or "you must do this" instead you should simply point out God's glory... "WOW!! Look at this!" or "Come see this gorgeous ..." Don't push but pull them to God by your own walk. When they don't respond, keep walking on without them. After some time, you may see them again right behind you. Be concerned with your own walk and lead the others, that's everyone's job! :D

    Again, Welcome to CFS
  3. @Abdicate has summed it up really well, however I will add...

    Only God can judge.
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  4. But I'm confused of what I'm judging. I'm not saying my parents aren't Christians or that I'm better than them, my parents literally spend no time with my sisters. My step dad is verbally abusive and we think he has ptsd and he never spends time with them, not even with my baby sisters. And my oldest sister is 10.

    I don't see how that's judgement, I'm just putting my observations amd talking about my feelings. I would never talk about someone elses family, but when you read in this situation, aren't you supposed to ask for help..

    This is more than just me staying home.

    I just don't want to make the wrong decision is deciding to leave. It's stressful here, and I want to leave so I can not live in strife, but I'm scared my sisters won't be talked to at all and my mom won't and my step dad won't help them in any area, even schooling. They aren't active parents at all, and I don't see how that is judging since I am a victim of it and see them do it every day.

    I just want to make sure I'm just not leaving them in a bad situation where I can't save them from this life.

    My dad screams and yells, my sisters cry, they talk about him being mean, BUT MY MOTHER NEVER COMFORTED THEM ABOUT IT OR TALKED TO THEM. I was the one to help them.

    Can someone show me where I am judging
  5. Hello and welcome, Hannah!

    All I can say is to heed what God is speaking to you. I am not against one laying out a fleece before the Lord, either. I will also suggest to you to be reminded of the fact that if you are the only believer in the family, you already ARE their spiritual leader, whether you stay or leave, and you will have a very strong influence either way. They will find themselves blessed because of you anyway. Your prayer for them will not go unheeded or unanswered, and asking God to send people across their paths to teach them the Good News and to model a lived lived for God is often what moves the hearts of our loved ones more than anything we could do.

    Obey God and intercede!

    Now, that said, I cannot vote!

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