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    Hi Everyone, I upgraded our hosting package in order to handle severe spam that is still continually hitting our website from various ips. This was the reason for the downtimes and lags we faced recently. As a result of the upgrade, CFS monthly hosting cost has almost doubled. Our server is firewall protected, highly optimized for maximum performance and managed by some of the best hosting people in the industry. I have added Google Adsense banners to the home page and some other pages in order to raise funds to cover up the additional monthly costs.

    This means that I can keep CFS free for you. For those who wish to remove these banners, you have an option of upgrading your account for $5/month. You will get a nice yellow 'Supporter' badge too. Plus you will be supporting an awesome online ministry. :)

    God bless you.
  2. To report unwanted ads, please send me a message. Ads are provided by Google Adsense and I don't much control over what they will display. I can block some of them if you can provide me a link to the advertiser.
  3. Good news!!

    Our hosting expenses is almost fully covered every month, thanks to our website sponsor for the month (The Jerusalem Gift Shop), Supporters @jerusalemgifts(our new supporter and site sponsor) and @JG27_chili(awesome man of God who has been contributing monthly to CFS since March 2011) and Google Adsense. Thank you guys and God bless you.

    Apart from the financial support we received, our mods are doing a wonderful job too. Thank you guys. :)
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