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  1. I have just created an account with to manage our advertisement spots. This is so I can fund cfs for the next months. Current expense per month is around USD250/month (excluding miscellaneous expenses). This site is always free for you but it comes at a financial cost to my family.

    If you are a webmaster or member who enjoyed cfs, do consider one of the advertisement spots for your business/ministry or the very affordable account upgrade option. We have a few ad options depending on your budget. They range from $50/month for small box space in the home page to $300/month for a site-wide high impression ad spot. 30% of this revenue goes into beaconads fees. If the rest of revenue generated is below the monthly expense level, it will be fully used for the website. Anything extra will go into helping out Christian ministries (like Compassion, Christ for all Nations, Voice of the Martyrs etc). Nothing will be used for personal purpose.

    If possible do recommend these ad spaces to your friends who have business or ministry websites. We are very active Christian website so this is a good place to promote your site/business.

    To advertise or check rates, click on one of the ad spots.

    Hope you have a blessed week. :D
  2. My apologies for adding too many ad spaces on top. I had to do it so our ads management company can promote us for higher ad impressions. I can't afford to pay hosting for the next may be 4-5 months especially because I am still unemployed. After then I am moving to the middle-east for a good job and hopefully this problem can taken care off. :) Please pray. Thanks.
  3. Are you using so much bandwidth/space that you couldn't use a shared host? Would be significantly less expensive. In fact probably less for a year than you pay for a month.
  4. I started with a shared host (tried companies like logicweb, asmallorange) then I moved to an affordable virtual private server (tried rosehosting) when the upgraded forum script became heavier on the servers. We had frequent down-times. But after sometime even the VPS became slower. Instead of moving to a higher VPS, I chose to move to a basic dedicated server (initially urljet then moved to servint) which is around the same price of a high VPS. To make full use of the server I bought and installed an email ticket software (which only works on dedicated server). Now the site is fast enough but moving down would mean I will have to remove certain things that we have here. The other thing was that I had a job and I could afford the move. What I couldn't afford to do at that time was to spend too much time on the site fixing all the technical stuff myself and not being able to do things because the site slowed me down. Now the circumstances changed. Anyway, God's with us. No worries. :)
  5. I have bought a small slot from ya :)

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