Adultry- When Is Enough Enough?

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  1. My husband is on his way to meet another woman in another state. He does not respect me. I can forgive him but I don't think I can live with the disrespect any longer-- it shows too loud in my children.

    I have come to this conclusion: I cannot change his negative view of me by doing better, working harder, giving more, and making bigger sacrifices. His negative attitude toward me will stay the same regardless. It’s about him, not about me. To put matters starkly: it is impossible to have a healthy and satisfying relationship with a person who talks or looks down at you. He will have to either learn equality and respect or lose his place in my life.

    Christian friends are telling me forgive and forget. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Pray for him.

    you need to be what Gods call you to be. Loving, as in 1cor. 13 you can't make any thing work no that's Gods job. You need to fix you eyes on Jesus and do what you are called to do. You need to obey God and leave all the Consequences to him.

    Been there done that with my ex husband who after I forgave the affiar ended up molesting our daughter. When is enough enough?
  2. Only you can know that.
    His behavior is evil, no other word for it, there is no good excuse for adultery.
    If he will mend his ways - great, forgive and forget.
    If not - let the door not hit him in the arse on the way out.

    IMHO - too many people allow themselves to be perpetual doormats and actually
    encourage bad behavior by always being too quick to forgive.
    We are to forgive those WHO REPENT, to Hell with the rest.
  3. I agree with Glo, only you can see what is going on. An online forum is no place to handle this. If you are in a Bible Believing Church, seek out the good counsel of the Pastor and your Brothers and Sisters with discretion....

    I will say that again-with discretion.

    The entire congregation need not be involved. As there are no real guidelines to pursue divorce in a Christ like manner, you have to maintain a contrite heart...

    Anger and bitterness will not help-no matter how much you want to be that way. Let God be the bearer of the wrath.
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