Adult children

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  1. Adult children

    How do I communicate to my adult daughter about her morals and raising a young child.
  2. That is a diffcult situation at best as most young adults will simply give you a " don't tell me how to raise my children" reply.
    Very prayfully and very carefully. Love and lead by example, be lead of God and speak only at His direction.
    I will be praying for you both.
  3. Regarding Christ and God, what you speak with your life and attitude will reach her far better and quicker than any words!

    Blessings to you~:)
  4. If I was you, I'd just come out and say it.

    Grown-up or not, she's still your daughter. Your child.

    My aunt sat me down once and explained to me about hell, in a loving way. She told me it's not a place where I would ever want to go, and not a place where she would want to see me. She said she loved me, and made suggestions for me to change my life. I was so filled with hate and a mean-spirit back then. Her words struck home, and her gentleness made me want to change.

    I can't thank her enough.:)
  5. Grown up daughters can be rough with their mom at times.....
  6. This is something I have had to learn the hard way! When your child was in your care, you led by example and teachings. You did your best while she was in your care. You taught her everything you could. Now, it is her responsibility to use what you have taught her.
    I know this is hard, to sit back and let your child make mistakes and take the wrong path, but it is something you have to do. Love her, be there for her, IF she asks for advice, give it lovingly and non-judgementally. And give her and the baby to God. Place them in His hands and trust Him to woo her and guide her in life. Pray for her everyday. Keep being a role model for her. She is still watching, even tho you may not be able to see it.
  7. Violet have you found girls more difficult than boys?
    As you know I prayed for my girl for many years following five sons and ended up with two daughters, but I find them so much more emotionally demanding.
    With boys what you see is what you get but girls, phew, how complicated are they !!!

    As for the adult daughter and grandchild,
    I think if it were me, I would prayerfully ask the Lord to open her heart, and then very carefully and gently explain why you feel the way you do, or as some have said, live it, make a conscious effort to live what you believe, I think there is a presidence for this in scripture, doesnt Timothy mention his Gran's instruction to him as a child?
    Praying for you.
  8. Jax,
    once they reach puberty,
    You will trade each one for 5 boys!!!
    You are right; boys are not perfect but what you see is what you get.
    With girls, you wait each moment wondering if they are going to laugh, cry, hug you, love you or hate you~:(
    What a roller coaster, but they do grow out of it.
  9. As a father of both I must agree that little girls are more difficult to raise but then they are such sweet and gentle flowers. Daddy loves his little girl.
    Kids can be one of your greatest joys or your greatest sources of pain as they make their way thru life- sometimes a little of both. It can indeed be difficult to watch them grow up and make their own mistakes but this is part of life.
  10. I have had many joys and many heart-rending experiences with my 5 children. They are all wonderful and have all been raised to love and honor God. They all accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour as young children and lived for him growing up through the teen years. There are things in their lives I can not condone. I sorrow but I can only give it over to Christ who is my Saviour and the Holy Spirit who is my comforter. They all know how I feel and believe and see how I live. I can now only trust.
  11. What great advice.
  12. We taught our son by doing. However, when he became older he developed his own thoughts. He is at a stage now where he is seeing that maybe, just maybe, he needs to re-think his outlook. While I am not happy about his first choice, I can understand it because of what I went through. Let's Pray for him!:cross:

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