adam and eve thread

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by smellycat, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. adam and eve thread

    was put in private talk,why was it closed?how can we talk through our beliefs?there was no calling etc,why was it closed?
  2. Michael I am just getting back but apparently the discussion escalated into name calling and that is not allowed. The thread is under review now and I do not know if it will be reopened or not. Thanks for understanding- your brother Larry
  3. we need to discuss these things ,in a grown up way.warn the poster who offends not the this way you act like the world.
  4. I'm glad it was closed. The OP was sharing the artwork...not asking for debate about adam & eve.
  5. True KitsapGirl, the thread had wandered far from the intent of the original poster.
  6. :D
  7. i see ,i,m not blind.:D
  8. It was my fault. I called TheSuperJag an Idiot. I realize that was a bad decision and I should have handled it differently. However I believe strongly that he is teaching false doctrine could potentially lead people astray.
    I want to apologize to Jag for calling him an idiot, that was definitley wrong of me and uncalled for. But I will not apologize for disagreeing with him. I believe he is in serious error with his theories.
  9. Jeremiah, thats wonderful of you to apologize. :) I have not studied this topic so I wouldn't be participating unless I know what I am talking about. We have a wonderful Christian community comprising of members from different denominations. Confusions such as these are bound to happen any moment and that is why we have stricter rules. The devils just waiting for problems to happen.

    Don't be disheartened if someone points at you or if you are being watched by the Moderators etc. Its all part of our efforts to keep CFS clean, friendly and God-lead. God is with you, my brother. :D

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