Adam, A Living Soul

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  1. Good points all. I looked up the name "Lazarus" and it means ......God Helps.
    IMO it is the real name of a man because later another Lazarus would come back from the dead.

    Now the Bible fact is that the later Lazarus who came back from the dead and the religious leaders of that day wanted to kill him which actually confirms what Abraham said to Lazarus in torments.

    Luke 16:31.......
    "And he said unto him, if they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead".

    In that way, since a real name was used to describe a real man, it confirms the Bible teaching that Hel is a real place just as the man is a real man.
  2. How do you come to the conclusion Adam's body was formed first after carefully reading chapter 1&2 of Genesis together? Chapter 1 seems to indicate man was made in the image of God so he created them male and female in the image of God created he them. That would imply our image and likeness of God being apart from a body.
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  4. Ok: Was there anything I asked or commented that came off as arrogant or rude?
    As to my involvement to the particular discussion, it was in response chiefly to the presupposition of the body created first based on a order in Genesis 2. The rest was a comment to as to why I asked since Genesis 1 has us created both male and female in His image and likeness. I read the bible too and when there is time for this I would like the opportunity to involve myself. I need the truth and don't need to be express that I'm right on any matter. I need to be corrected when wrong, love rejoices with the truth. We all know that the bible teaches, if we know something it is because we received it from the truth himself. ( Our Lord Jesus by the Spirit of Truth whom he has baptized us with into his body)
    Thanks for your patience.
  5. Adam was formed from the dust of the earth....first. Woman was formed out of Adam's rib. Therefore, the male was created first, according to Genesis.
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  7. My understanding is, Genesis 1:26–27, is what God did. Genesis 2:7, 22 is how God did it.
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  8. Are you saying that God made man in His (Our) image, and since John 4:24 Jesus says God is a spirit, then God made Adam's spirit in His likeness first, then made a body for him? If that is the case, I don't think the others got that.
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    Welcome aboard anyway.
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